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Re: types of boredom

Posted by bulldog2 on June 6, 2010, at 15:20:02 [reposted on June 6, 2010, at 19:43:13 | original URL]

In reply to Re: types of boredom, posted by manic 666 on June 6, 2010, at 14:24:22

> to be honest floatingbridge// for someone to complain about being bored on a mental health forum is behond belief//that is a luxury not many mentally unwell people have// i dont think there is many times i have woken in the night covered in sweat an shakeing like a rattle snake //an said to myself im bored?????????as for the attack ,im only repeating what phillipa has written herself in posts//look through them yourself//im not attacking anyone //im trying to kick start phillipa on the road to good health //she is, an its plain to see unhappy//so please look deeper in a post before reaching for the keyboard

I have to back manic on this one floating and please do not take as a criticism. Floating you have taken positive steps to better your situation. So you understand that when one has a problem you have to make changes. If you continue to repeat your behaviors than that is the definition of insanity.
Manic and I have been around this board for many years and get to see what people do or don't do.To be honest I have been guilty of this. Doing nothing. I have finally begun taking meds and trying to stick with them. I have had some good results and had some poop outs. Than move on and try another. So I guess I am pro med.

What manic is saying is if you go back for years and read her posts you will see that nothing has changed.It's as if time has frozen. We only get so much time and than it runs out. Same drugs, rides her bike every night and same comments. Continously writes post about horrible drug side effects. I am aware of drug side effect as I read them. So recently she wrote a post about clomipramine and some person had horrible side effects. At least I'm taking a chance. Maybe I'll get side effects but maybe I'll come out of my depression and feel better. Let's be honest Floating is that supportive? Writing posts to scare people. Every time someone is on pamelor she writes a post about she was on 10 mg for one night and was plastered to her bed all day. Seriously she has written that time after time. The impression I get is her life is really bad and she doesn't want to see other people succeed.

Phillip needs more than support as she needs the truth. It's time to make some changes. I know meds have sides. But if you're lucky sometimes you take a med and wake up feeling better. Life has side effects as you get old and die. So take a med and take a chance. In the last year I've tried a couple meds and had some really good days. If people care about her it's time to tell her the truth. She says she scared she's scared of meds. I question why has she hung around a med board for almost 10 years. She posts on almost every thread. Instead of watching other people get better become one of those getting better.
Floating I know you are a compassionate person and only mean the best for all here. But manic has hit the nail on the head in this case. I think he is trying to shake Phillipe up with the hard truth. Manic I think I need to listen to you myself and do a little more living. Thank you.




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