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Re: REALLY treat yourself...get a spa or something

Posted by alexandra_k on June 8, 2009, at 3:53:27

In reply to Re: REALLY treat yourself...get a spa or something alexandra_k, posted by Jay_Bravest_Face on June 3, 2009, at 18:13:42

taking it easy, yeah. by the time the doctors appointment came through i realized that it was jet lag rather than the flu. really wiped out by it this time. never been hit to this extent before. think that flying into my the third winter in a row was a bit much, really. and hassles with clearing out my stuff before i left and now rearranging all my stuff now that i've arrived (fetching it from storage and moving my office). that still is largely not sorted. sleeping 12 hours for the last few nights and basically feeling progressively better with each one of those.

i think part of it was that my joints didn't cope with the flying so well this time. since i had a doctor appointment anyway (and medicare came through for me just before I left) i asked my doctor about whether there was any kind of physiotherapy or assessment or something that i could get for my old injuries. she said that there probably was and has made an appointment for me to go get x-rays of my leg / ankle / spine as the first step. she said it is usual to remove metal plates and screws etc after the bones have healed and she said that that might well be something that they can do. i'm not so sure... not so sure that she appreciates the extent yet... i'm not 100% sure but I think they gave me a fusion (kind of like the one on the right):

hard to say... might be the case that the restricted movement that I have because of the screws reduces pain that I'd have if the jagged bone was rubbing on jagged bone... Or might be that my movement is restricted unnecessarily. Hard to say...

They can do ankle replacements now. Just (by the sounds of it). Don't expect I'd be a candidate for one of those... Especially since my other leg isn't that much better (due to the nature of the break in the leg bones mostly I think - though ankle problems too). Anyway... Would be good to know what is going on with all that. Maybe go to the gym or something once I've got some idea of what is likely to help rather than harm. At the moment... My body is just kind of curling up on itself, really. Over time movement of ankles and movement of back is becoming more and more restricted. I think it hit me so hard because of going from summer (joint fluid is fluid so mobility is better and pain is less) whereas it solidifies in cooler temperatures. Just feel achy... But that is what it is. Joint pain... But not flu or tick bite fever or whatever. That is something at any rate. Kinda scared... Nice to have hope that might well be shattered... Kind of scared... But will be good to know. I guess. Wish me luck. They said it would get to the point where I'd need a wheelchair but then... They were wrong about lots of things in my recovery (you will never walk without crutches, you will never live up a flight of stairs, you will never walk more than 2 k's in one day). Lets see how wrong they can be...




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