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Re: Positive Thing Happened.

Posted by Amelia_in_StPaul on May 20, 2009, at 10:30:03

In reply to Positive Thing Happened., posted by Kath on May 19, 2009, at 22:50:32

Oh my god, that's all so great!!! I imagine how uplifting it must have been for the attendees to hear him speak. I remember attending NAMI information meetings to understand what was happening to my sister. And I left feeling so much better, esp. after hearing one of the persons living with it speak about his experiences and his poetry writing, etc. Wow!!! Good, good, good. He's building such positive experiences, which is just going to build him up and get him through whatever happens next. Yay!

> for my son.
> Before the exGF coming back happened, a 'peer worker' of his mental health team asked him if he'd like to speak at a "families of people with mental health problems" information meeting. To speak on how schizophrenia has impacted his life.
> When I was first involved with the CMHA "HOPE" group (Helping Overcome Psychosis Early), parents had about 8 information sessions when we first joined. On the last one, the 'peer worker' - a young man with schizophrenia, who works part-time for CMHA (Can. Mental Health Assoc) came & told his 'story'. It was very 'hope-inducing' hear how ill he'd been....his psychotic beliefs, etc. & see how far he'd come!
> So my son said okay he'd do it. This was a one-time information meeting for people who had family members who weren't yet involved with the CMHA. So today, son had a meeting with his mental health worker (our family worker) & she told me she'd talk with him as to whether it might be too much for him with all the EGF stuff going on...that he could choose to change his mind if that is what he needed.
> He chose to go to speak...told her it might be good for him. She gave him some good advice for ex - go by 'feel' & be careful not to talk about stuff that might be triggering for him; to feel free to not answer questions that he didn't want to etc.
> So the CMHA arranged for a cab to pick him up, take him to the next town (15 min away) & a cab ride home afterwards.
> Before he went, I talked with him about how very far he'd come, over this VERY difficult last 2 1/2 years. That, for heaven's sake - here he was creating his own music & DJing at clubs & having internet radio show slots!!
> So - today, he had been feeling AWFUL. Phoned him after his appt with worker. He sounded awful & was at the local pub. When he got home he was getting ready to go to the meeting & asked me if I had time to make him a salad, as he was going to change his eating habits & needed to lose weight (meds caused size 36 waist to go to 42!) & that he'd start exercising also.
> This was a big indicator that he must have been thinking at the pub & deciding how to proceed with his life!!!
> SO he got cleaned up, shaved etc & off to the meeting.
> When he got home his Dad asked how it went. Son said it went really well!! That he'd actually enjoyed it! He seemed solid, grounded, alive - compared to really floaty, floundering & apathetic before!!!
> He said that the CMHA facilitator said to him afterwards that she really liked what he'd said & she'd like him to speak again, if he was interested. He told us that he told her just call him any time. He'd be glad to speak again!!!
> I told him that I didn't know if he realized it, but he'd given those family members a wonderful gift - he'd given them hope! He said that they did seem happy after he talked.
> I think it's wonderful that this happened!!!
> I mentioned to him that his worker had said before that if he ever wanted to, the could incorporate his music into him speaking at high schools. He said he didn't know about the music part, but that he'd told worker earlier today that if he liked it tonight, he would do some more sessions with adults & then might like to do talks for young people.
> I said that it would certainly be performing a good service - good karma! He talked of it being 'way more' than that - that motivational speaking was a good career!!
> He seemed WAY more positive.
> I said that when I'd spoken in public - at CoDa meetings & a few times, even though I was nervous at first, I liked it & it gave me sort of a 'high'!! he said, "Yeah. I know."
> So - such a good thing to happen. Oh yes, and his worker had said that if he liked it, there were lots of opportunities to do more speaking for the CMHA. I guess they have public awareness meetings etc frequently.
> This is what he really needs right now. A chance to be appreciated for who he is. A chance to be with other people & to have a meaning.
> I'm hoping this experience will help him.
> He has a meeting with his worker again on Thursday & she said they'd be sure to set a plan in place for support for him next week while I'm away.
> Sigh. Thankful sigh. Reminder to self: deep breath Kath. Deep breath; & know that the past is past. Now is not necessarily the same as what's happened before.
> :-) Oh yes - and a note to all - I might need to be reminded of this in future!!
> thx all for your support. Kath




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