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journey around the world in 15 hours

Posted by LlurpsieBlossom on January 8, 2007, at 18:44:13

Um, yeah...

so, it took 4 days of trying, but I finally got a seat on a plane outta S. America.

I went from Buenos Aires to Santiago Chile. Then we all had to deplane, run through customs and replane all the while tempted by Lindt chocolate and Dior perfume at the duty free displays.

Back on the plane (I got an aisle seat, next to a young couple. they were nice, not annoying, and they didn't invade my personal space).

11 hours of FUn FuN fUN!!! hmm- I'm bored, let's have some wine with my seroquel and then try to walk down the turbulent aisles to brush my teeth before the big sleep. (don't worry, it was kind of loopy, but I have good balance courtesy of equestrian vacation).

good nap. I woke up when my low cal breakfast enticed me with the smell of ... asparagus and chicken breast at 4 in the morning. nothing like some asparagus to get the wee hours started off right! and some grapefruit too! and why not throw in a bit of strawberry jam on some whole grain pan?

yum yum!

on to Toronto. The funniest thing happened. I looked in the customs line and saw!! my HUSBAND! all the way at the front. He had apparently caught the flight from Sao Paolo that I was not able to go for (not having a Brazillian visa, nor a Brazillian wax, which apparently will also work at some ports of entry).

Neither US nor Canadian customs even give a crap that I was on a cattle ranch, stomping around in livestock poo, that I was importing granola bars. My liquids were never enquired about either! after all that tedious packing. 3 oz in 1 quart zipper bag. and separating liquid Rx, because they go into a separate zipper bag. agonizing over whether mascara counts as liquid.

no one cares, apparently. stamp stamp stamp. go catch your plane. Made my connection to the USA. no problems there. But they moved my bus stop and I had to run through an intersection on 5 hours of sleep running on provigil fumes. oh well. didn't get run over. That would have been ironic, huh?

now I get to unpack my Yerba Mate gourds and my silver straws Bombilla and see if this mate thing is really as cool as it looks. I like the herb though, so I am willing to look like a wierdo if I can strain the stems and the dust from my brewing experience...

sigh... no more beef. :(

back to boneless skinless chicken breast. I need to lose 10 lbs or else I'm going to have to buy new pants. sigh...





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