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Re: happy, happy, joy, joy!!! » karen_kay

Posted by LlurpsieBlossom on January 3, 2007, at 17:09:39

In reply to happy, happy, joy, joy!!! » LlurpsieBlossom, posted by karen_kay on January 3, 2007, at 9:28:26

> i'll create a poem for lurpsie, linden, and all her alter egos....

We all thank you from the bottom of our 3 chambered hearts :)

> lurpie's special day,
> i missed along the way.
> i hope that she will stay.
> and not just throw this poem away.

archived until the end of time. Dr. bob likes to save this stuff. funny habit huh? some would call it ´compulsion´´...

> lurpsie's a special gal.
> don't ask me how.
> she chews her food like a cow.
> then turns to take a bow.

oh no, I blush. but yes, I have been accused of chewing like a cow. at least twice. once was by a woman that barely met me and wanted to set me up with her son.

> lurpsie likes to change her name.
> as if she thinks it's a game.
> she thinks me to be a little lame.
> and dances like that chick from fame.

you so NOT lame. I dunno, is one of your legs longer? I change my name whenever my skin has exfoliated enough to make me look and feel like a new woman.

> lurpie's out partying somewhere.
> and i bet she has flowers in her hair.
> when she's naked on the beach, everyone will stare.
> and she doesn't know i'm there.

well, I hope you like the view. I´m a little plump, you know? but that´s okay. in some regions of the female body plumpness is appreciated. i got a branch stuck in my hair when my horsey took off galloping through the forest. does that count? I´m allergic to sun.
> lurpsie is one year older.
> and she's jsut getting bolder.
> she's a good laundry folder.
> and has freckles on her shoulder.

bolder and better. got my hydroquinone and alpha hydroxy to fade all freckles. determined to have 27 year old skin for the rest of my life.

> (((lurpsie, linden, and her other 316 personalities)))))
> (((and especially her 'old man' and that wonderful vacation))))))

thanks! hugs to you too, and your family :o)

> and listen girlie. the next tiem you wish to announce your birthday, do it about 3 weeks in advance and post everyday a countdown. that way, weak minds like mine won't ferget!

I know. well, I suck. but that´s okay. I didn´t have internet from the 23rd to the 29thish. I yelled as loudly as I could, but.. well, you know
> love you lurpsie, you lucky booger. wish i was frolicking on the beach naked somewhere. lucky people on the beach too. seeing you naked without paying the $3.99 the rest of us have to. you need to take that webpage down already. have you no class?
I got so many boogers now, from the cold. every single noseblow is luckier than the last one. I don´t much get naked in public. Interestingly, folks here don´t get naked on the beach. I´ve done the naked thing on 2 continents, but not this one.

you know, you shouldn´t spend too much time looking at that webpage. it might change your standard of beauty, and you might have to eat more pie to compete with my voluptuousness. the 3.99 is to fund my education, and pay for my crazy pills. Don´t forget that maintaining my sanity costs about 10 bucks a day. not including chap stick.

you´re the silliest. your poem is so cute





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