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I got drunk on New Year's Eve

Posted by Deneb on January 1, 2007, at 15:22:37

Hey Bob, hey everyone,

I got drunk on New Year's Eve. :-(

I wanted to get a little tipsy so I drank a Mott's Clamato, then 2 Mike's Light Hard Lemonades, then a mixed drink, then half a Mike's Light Hard Lemonade. I was sitting down most of the time so I didn't even notice I was getting drunk before it was too late. Once I stood up and walked and felt wobbly, then it hit me that I drank too much.

I didn't act drunk. I did talk a little bit more, but I wasn't going crazy or anything. I guess I'm never a party animal. The slightly more talkative and social me quickly gave way to a nauseous and puking me. This was the first time I ever drank too much and got sick. It's horrible! I'm thinking of never drinking again. Being drunk feels horrible. I don't know why people like alcohol so much. I don't want to drink alcohol ever again. It won't be hard because I hate the taste of alcohol. I hope I didn't mess up my liver or anything from taking meds with alcohol. Ugh, did I mention I don't ever want to drink again? LOL

During the night I found myself wishing to be one of the dogs there because I knew the dogs didn't drink alcohol. LOL I sooooo wanted to be sober. I hate feeling drunk. I hate it. Now I know how badly it feels. Yucky alcohol. I hate you. I would have had more fun without the booze. I would have been quieter, but at least I wouldn't have felt all weird and sick.

Never drinking again!

Bob, for the next Babble Party I'm not drinking. Alcohol is yucky! Maybe instead of treating us to wine or champagne you could treat us to some Coke Cola or something? LOL

I don't need to drink to be more adult. Alcohol makes all drinks taste bad. I should never force myself to drink ever again.

I don't see myself drinking for a very long time.







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