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RE:: Hey everyone

Posted by mystic on October 10, 2004, at 10:26:53

In reply to Redirected Lexaproers, posted by jlynne on March 13, 2004, at 1:31:16

Hey everyone what is up with all the negative on here ....I hate coming on in the morning and someone is leaving or someone has negative comments...This is not how it is supposed to be..We are supposed to be here to support and to help...Bridetobe changed to newwife and now there is a comment about wife being a four letter word...she needs to be proud to be a wife that is a very special thing..Sometimes marriages work and sometimes they dont but they do take a lot of hard work..Newwife is saying she is not going to post anymore because of a reprimand from Dr. Bob..I'm not sure what that is all about but I know that I have been on that list from Dr. bob more than once...I'm not sure if it was taken out of context or what but I do know that we are on a public board and he monitors these things and there are some hot subjects that sometimes can be taken out of the things that we say even though they are not hot subjects for us and we dont really think that we would be hurting anyone..I dont know know what the case was..But do not want to see Newwife leave because of it...

I used to love coming on here and we were a close group...I love to come on and see that jlynne has come back to let us help her and for her to help us..It makes me very happy i love to hear what is going on with her and her ups and downs (well not really enjoy hearing about her downs) but she knows were to go when she needed help with her new med...I look forward to hearing how her day is going...Lexy I loved hearing how her life was going through all her triumps and moves and adjusting to her new life with barrett and now going it without meds...I look forward to hearing how she is doing after having a bad friday and worry as we havnt heard from her...I miss Mags and her stories of school and how she is doing...I love hearing from Mrs C. who has always been here for every single one of us to help us through even when she wasnt feeling the greatest sometimes just hearing from her would make my day go a little better...I love hearing from lynda who still checks the post from time to time but has been extremely busy lately...I loved hearing about bridetobe wedding plans and the excitement that she shared with us..and the strength that she had after such a terrible accident and how she pulled herself up and thinking how very strong she is to have done that and successfully had the day of her dreams..I loved hearing Anakins stories of her wedding and her beloved aunt who made it for her special day and then her sharing with us the loss of her aunt..I remember her telling us how her day at school went with her crazy kids hahha..not funny at the time...I still miss Emily as she left some time ago because she wasnt getting what she needed on the posts...Trucker I loved hearing of how you were doing when you were feeling better and joking with us all..I miss K who we havent heard from in some time...Partlycloudy used to check in every now and then...Anxious well you know how I feel about have been a great great friend to me and I'm happy that we met and you have been a great listener to everyone on this board at one time or another...we will be friends forever...I so appoligize if I have forgotten anyone as I have written this post twice i lost the first one....

I guess maybe this post has run its course but I will be here in case anyone needs me and I just cant stand the negativity..we all have things we have to deal with but for a few minutes each day to come together and help support each other without all the negativity is great after all we do live with enough of that in our everyday lives...I just want everyone to know how special that they are and how much they have changed my life in a positive way that is the way i want it to be...positive..I pray for everyone every day and hope that we all find that special freedom from our depression/anxiety and our lives continue to improve..Take care my friends and have a great day...Your friend Mystic




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