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Re: I was wondering Mrs. C

Posted by JenStar on August 20, 2004, at 1:13:46

In reply to Re: I was wondering, posted by Mrs. C on August 18, 2004, at 22:24:57

hi guys,
I get the palpitations too. Like Mrs. C., mine comes in 'waves.' I can goes weeks or months w/o any, then suddely they'll start and I'll get a few a day until they suddenly go away again.

For me, I've noticed they're more prevalent around PMS-time (what a wonderful addition to an already impressive array of fun symptoms! ha!)

Sometimes they come when I think I'm stressed, but sometimes also when I don't think I'm particularly stressed.

It has helped SO MUCH to hear about other people who have them. In 'real life' I don't know that many people who do (ok, none!) and it's not something I feel comfy bringing up in standard convo ("yes, that movie WAS great. Hey, my heart is doing that skip beat thing again! Do you guys think I'm going to drop down dead in a few?") I can only imagine the looks I'd get. I really don't think people would understand, even though that IS how worried I get.

It's nice to meet people here who understand. By the way, my doc also said they are harmless, and I also don't fully believe that and continue to stress about them. HOpefully this will calm down soon...

You'll be ok! :)

> Hi Ali,
> Yes, of course I have palpitations. They are called PVC's. They are premature beats and are supposed to be harmless. I get them in cycles. When I am in a cycle I get them several times a day for days. I was in one just a few weeks back. Every time I am in a cycle they totally freak me out and then they just go away. Stress, caffeine, hormones, all triggers for them. Apparently alot of us get them cause many people posted to me that they do. Try not to worry (that's really ironic coming from me by the way). Mrs. C




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