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RE:: Hey yo yo's mystic

Posted by LynneDa on May 4, 2004, at 9:33:46

In reply to RE:: Hey yo yo's, posted by mystic on May 3, 2004, at 21:56:39

Hi Everyone!
I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I read every day and love hearing how everyone is doing. I've been thinking about you & your babies Mystic! Is there a hospital website we could go on and see his picture or would that be too much a violation of anonymity?!?!? I'd love to see that little cutie pie!

I'm doing okay, had a couple of rough days right before my period last week where I got very obsessive, anxious & depressed. I'm just tired of it. I'm also still very tired, speaking of tired! I feel sleepy as well as foggy. I fell asleep - sound asleep - at a stoplight the other day! I also rear-ended someone at an intersection this weekend (not bad, I was just rolling to a stop & didn't stop far enough away from her van!) due to feeling foggy & not paying attention. I gradually switched taking the Lex to mid-afternoon since that is when I am most awake. The switch seems to have helped with the insomnia, thank goodness. I want to call my doctor, but feel like I'm just being a whiny hypochondriac and should just deal with it! But the 2 above incidents make me think I better do something.

I'm also sick of the weight gain. I've gained 15 lbs since December and I am a person who has always been underweight and never had to diet. So, this is very unusual & I think it has to be due to the meds. I know I am 40 & perimenopausal so weight gain is inevitable, but this was a big jump in a short time. I'm walking 20 min. on my treadmill about 4 times per week & that makes me feel better.

Sooooo, other than that my life is fine. My almost 8-year old is really improving in her behaviors and her attention in school. There are still some issues there, but I don't think they warrant special services. I have a tutor for her and that seems to help her reading. My ex is being a pain. He changes the days he sees Lizzie every week and doesn't see anything wrong with that. It wouldn't bother me except that it's really bothering her. I've been very flexible over the past 7 years and I've just had it now that it upsets Lizzie to have such uncertainty each week. She gets very homesick for me & our house when she's at her Dad's. His house is not very homey and he has 2 male roommates (they are decent guys, but unstable like her Dad).

Work is busy but tolerable. We're still short one person so I am recruiting for 2 territories and not doing a great job for anyone. Hard on my ego as I am motivated by pleasing vs. money!

My husband & I are getting along great, even though I have all my insecurities & problems. We've been married less than 2 years. He graduated from an MBA program in May 2003 and still hasn't found anything steady. He's pretty depressed about it which is hard for me because I can't "fix" it for him! It's a big ego thing for him since I make the bulk of the money. But even with that weight on him, he remains very calm, practical & steady, thank goodness. He teaches marketing, does a few mortgage loans - but nothing solid or at the income level we need. Thank goodness for my job. Which I better get back to now!

Thanks for listening. It sort of feels good to write out all the stuff that is going on. Anakin, that is sooooo cool about the Packers player. What a gift!! Lexy, I'm glad your p-doc gave you Klonopin. Let us know how that works on your next period. Mag, how is your "lub" life? You are such a bright spot! Simus & Jlynne, thanks for all your wisdom, even when you're not feeling well yourselves! Mystic, thanks for keeping us all togther and caring so much!! I'm sure I left someone out, but I think about you all & read all the posts, sending good thoughts your way!!

~ Lynne

Hey Yo Yo's where are all of you...I miss you all...Everyone seems to be drifting away I hate that...There are hardly any posts anymore that makes me sad sad dont want me to be sad do you???....we cant all be better and dont have a need to post me want to hear how everyone is doing I worry...I'm a grandmother now a 41 year old grandmother so I worry extra now..SO get the posts going and let me know how the heck everyone is....Your friend Mystic




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