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The Atkins Diet; Properly Executed, It Works

Posted by Destroyo on November 12, 2003, at 2:05:46

I maintain a weight, at a height of 5'11", of 180 lbs., mostly muscle. The late Dr. Atkins, in his numerous diet books, instructed those who embark upon his low-carb regimen to avoid caffeine. Frustratingly, no explanation was given for this prohibition. Searching the web, I found a quote of his in which he explained that caffeine caused insulin release, which by some biochemical process that I'm not educated enough to understand, sabotaged his diet. I've tried it both ways, and it's true; the Atkins diet, for me at least, works about 50% better when I avoid caffeine. It's a Godsend, and a lucky thing that I love meat, cheese, and eggs. When the jeans get too tight, I "Atkins" for a week or ten days. Works for me! My major objection to the Atkins diet is ethical. No question about it, Vegetarianism is the far more enlightened path. I'm just not ready for it yet. A few months back, I attended the dedication of a beautifully decorated Tai Chi temple in my locale, at which was served a MAGNIFICENT, FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS vegetarian meal. The trick of it is, all those wonderful dishes had to carefully prepared by a master chef. Mr. Lazybones here finds it easier to stuff raw beef into the oven and simply wait for it to cook. Aw, well, damn my karma to Hell! At least my heart's in the right place.




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