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Re: fallsfall?

Posted by kara lynne on August 27, 2003, at 14:30:53

In reply to Re: fallsfall? kara lynne, posted by fallsfall on August 27, 2003, at 10:45:10

Funny Bones!! I (sheepish) don't know what they are :( . (Maybe we don't have them here?) We do have Gummy Bears, but that might be a little cannibalistic...

I am going to have to research this CBT and psychodynamic stuff. I guess I haven't paid too much attention to it. Thank you for telling me what you know about the two, and your experience with both of them--it's very helpful. Was your last therapist then, the one who practiced CBT? And was she the one you eventually had problems with?

This guy is very action oriented, and now that I think of it my pdoc (who referred me) said he does some kind of therapy with a lot of initials (I thought it was more than CBT but maybe that was in there...maybe something with 'rational'?). It's a time limited or time conscious approach, rather than open ended, forever working out your issues approach. The first time we met he asked how long I thought it would take to have me 'up and running' eg. I said I couldn't answer that, he said 'six months'. Well, if that were true it would be a miracle, but I didn't say that. I am going to say what you suggested next week. I'm not afraid to tell him, but I couldn't exactly articulate it for myself. I feel like he really doesn't take my issues into account, but that may be the way he works, which is kind of ironic. Let's deny the issues because they aren't working for you. I mean there is something to be said for not 'indulging' in your issues or using them as crutches, but like I said before, if I could just lay my life out in five easy steps I think I would have done it. I would see him twice a week if I could afford it.

I think 40 hours a week working would be way too much for me right now. I would be trying to get work in my field (the one I'm too afraid to talk about until after my next and final test in October). My biggest problem is that I have utterly no self-confidence--shocking, isn't it? You and I could sit through the same class and learn the same thing, you could get a C (not that you would, of course!) and I could get an A and I would come out thinking you knew the material and I didn't. This has plagued me my entire life. I know that nothing will magically give me the confidence I need until I actually start doing the work, but the fear is...paralyzing. To just pay the good doctor and be able to go get a job because it's a good idea leaves me a little dubious.

I wish I could meet your stubborn little 15 year old! I bet I coulda matched her...




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