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Advice for Dealing with Horrible Coworker???

Posted by Susan J on August 18, 2003, at 11:32:38

Please help.

I share an office with a woman who drives me up the wall. She has no sense of boundaries -- listens in, and comments on, my phone conversations. Reads my e-mail. Rifles through my work and personal stuff in my office. Asks me very personal questions, and shares way too much personal detail about herself. And thinks we are the best of friends.

I've been polite, but firm about the behavior I don't want her to exhibit. I've asked for a new office (many times), but my boss has yet to act on that.

Unfortunately, this woman and I travel in the same social circles as well. We were all out Saturday night at dinner, and she insulted my family!

She thought we were great friends, and I've been pulling away (for a year!). She's chosen to respond to this in a very passive-agressive manner, by doing backhanded insults. She says she's just kidding - that it is her sarcastic nature.

I ignore her now, but her insulting my family was really low. I looked at her like she was an idiot and then pointedly changed the topic of conversation.

But I need help dealing with her. I deal with major depression, and dealing with her is NOT helping! Dealing with her has really made my work product suffer, and I don't know how to deal effectively with her without burning professional bridges. I don't care now if I hurt her feelings. Being polite didn't do the job....but I don't want to be unprofessional.

Is there a way to get her away from me, to stop insulting me, stop insulting my family, and generally making my life miserable?

Think she's "trying" to make me miserable?





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