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Re: cover your bases zenhussy

Posted by noa on June 11, 2003, at 17:30:14

In reply to cover your bases noa, posted by zenhussy on June 11, 2003, at 0:19:40

Thanks, Z--it's good advice. I started thinking about starting to clean up my computer files, in advance of leaving. You are lucky to have had such a great, fast-thinking co-worker to help you out.

I was thinking of starting to send a lot of stuff to my private computer at home via email, then erasing it at work.

I once was fired, illegally (and I got justice afterward), but before I left, I erased the hard drive. It was a pretty darn old clunker of a computer anyway, so there wasn't that much that I kept on it, and even less that would be material. In any event, that employer had no real IT dept., just a guy who came in once in a while as a consultant, which cost them big bucks. They were so dumb about technology anyway that I wasn't so worried about that. I was worried about other stuff, but not that. In any event they really had no case for defense so their defense was a total hodgepodge of defenses, like loading up all the BS they could because not one of their arguments held water. They just loaded up so they could try to snow the jury. But the jury saw through it and I won.

But you are right. I surely have no intention of my situation ever getting to such an adversarial stage. The previous situation was so clear cut for me and one of such obvious principle--like clear right vs. wrong where they ordered me to disobey a law and I told them I could not disobey the law.

In my current position, the people are actually much more above board and professional (this tells you how bad the previous place was!!). But in a way, it is more disappointing, because from the start, I expected more of these people. The previous job, I kind of knew how crazy they were. I even told my therapist, during the crisis, the day before I had to comply with the law, which was also the day they fired me (it happened within minutes of my compliance with the law), I had told him in therapy that evening that although they couldn't fire me for this becasue it would be so blatantly illegal to do so, I knew that they would drum up some reason to get rid of me within a few months. So I knew what I was dealing with. The only surprise was not their evilness but their stupidity at actually firing me on the spot!

But in my current job, I actually expected more of them, so it is a let-down.

I am more calm today. I've kind of checked out emotionally, and feel more empowered. I wrote in a thread above about something I did today that felt really good.

Thanks for the support.




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