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The Two Sides Of The Brain and other stories

Posted by susan C on March 24, 2002, at 16:43:33

In reply to Anyone had luck with non-dominant-hand writing?, posted by Dinah on March 23, 2002, at 11:34:49

Dear Babblities...sometime ago I got this message in response to something about something of which I dont remember the details...I have deleted any non-public names and apologize now for repeating anything already discussed, or, oh no, if it should go on the med board...

Mouse having brain zaps and fluish symptoms

G'day, Yes, I have participated in a study. It was done by a researcher at the University of Queensland in Australia. I was diagnose with BP about 1 year ago, and wanted a objective test. He is mapping the rythms of the human body, and has found that the rythms are slower for BP people than for non P people. He puts shutter goggles on you, and you look at a circle on a computer monitor. If you see vertical lines you push the vertical line button. If you see horizontal you push horizontal. The test goes for a while, and as you see the lines change from vertical to horizontal you press the associated button and so forth. A non BP person has a change rate of about once per second, where BP people change at about once per 4 seconds or more. The lines change from vertical to horizontal based on which eye is dominant at the time, which is based on which side of your brain is dominant. There are other tests too, some which work on a PC which you can download from his web site: The download is here: the experiment is on: He draws parallels between the brain hemishpere switching and other body rythms, such as the rythm of which nostril is more open. This changes durig the day, and again BP people have a slower cycle than non BP people. Unfortunately for me I could conciously make the lines change from vertical to horizontal and back due to eye alignment operations I had as a child. But if I let the natural rythm rise up, I fitted the BP figure of 4 seconds plus. The test with the lines was specifically chosen as it is hard to learn the skill to change them conciously, unlike the test where you have a cube in the corner of a room. The mind will turn it inside out and back again with a certain timing, but the brain can easily override this. Hope this is of use to you! Jack is a great guy (orginally from US), and knows the world of BP first hand.




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