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Re: Any dog advice? Husband in denial Gracie2

Posted by Shar on October 3, 2001, at 15:01:07

In reply to Any dog advice? Husband in denial, posted by Gracie2 on October 2, 2001, at 23:15:07


Letting a dog suffer every day, 24 hours per day is not love. It is selfishness, denial, or some other thing, but not love.

Were this my house, I would have the dog put down myself. That would be the decent, civilized, loving thing to do. I am a dog lover to the nth degree, have put two down, now have 2 (one lab), and a foster dog.

I get really furious about this issue. It is the same as hurting a dog all day long and saying "ya think I should stop?" Sorry for the intensity there.


> My husband has an old black labrador that is in constant pain from arthritis. We've been giving him glucosamine and arthritis medication (from vet) but it hasn't helped much. The poor dog gets around by limping and dragging himself along. He falls often, and cries from the pain. He can't climb the steps, so we have to carry this 80-pound dog up and down the stairs. Worse, when he gets himself wedged behind a chair or someplace that he can't get out of - which happens daily - he snarls horribly while you dislodge him. He hasn't snapped at anyone, but I'm getting afraid of him. He still has a few good teeth left.
> Worst of all, despite the vet-recommended food, he is now getting attacks of incontinence.
> I think it's time to put the dog to sleep, but my husband refuses. This dog is like a child to him. I saw this scenario coming a few years ago and bought my husband a puppy to bond with, a beautiful golden retriever. Now my husband loves both dogs, but maybe it wasn't a good idea. The older dog is jealous of the younger one, although the oldest dog gets the most attention because of his constant problems. The younger dog is so good-natured, he doesn't seem to mind.
> Am I being hasty about wanting to put down the old dog?
> I think my husband is in denial about how miserable this poor dog really is. Would the veterinarian tell him if he thinks the dog should be put down, or is that a decision they leave to the owners? Has anyone else had to deal with this?
> Thanks for your thoughts-
> Gracie




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