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Re: Do you have to be in therapy?Negative thoughts stargazer2

Posted by obsidian on May 23, 2010, at 10:32:23

In reply to Do you have to be in therapy?Negative thoughts, posted by stargazer2 on May 23, 2010, at 0:39:16

> I'm reading some of the posts here realizing the majority of the posters are in therapy but since I'm not, I decided to post anyway, as what I am thinking is just general feelings stuff, but not related to meds, where I usually post.

of special requirements here

> Does anyone else have these constant thoughts and do you tell others about them or do you only tell your therapist?

I find that I have a lot of negative thoughts, which I am often not even aware of, or let's say identifying as such, sometimes they are more active than other times.
I'm thinking about starting to track them....they just happen so automatically, I mean write them down or something.

> I know that when you are this negative, it is understood that no one wants to hear it and mostly in the past I have kept these feeling to myself, as I know they are not mainstream or acceptable feelings, outside of a therapists office. I have spent years of pretending I was fine, not revealing all of my negative thoughts and the few times I have, people get freaked out.

> Is being this honest with feeling a definate no-no in society today? I haven't been this negative lately , so I'm not sure today as it seems as though everyone tells everything to anyone. I am avoiding social contact because of how negative I am feeling. Are these thoughts normal? They seem like the truth to me.

I don't know anything about normal. ;-)
I'm wondering how depressed you might be though. I know you said you're not in therapy, but do you take meds, see a psychiatrist? It's the intensity of the thing that I suppose I need to pay attention to for myself. I've never been "happy, happy, joy, joy", but I have certainly been in the state where absolutely nothing was ok, and that is just too painful a place to be (in my opinion).

As for the not feeling ok to express authentic thoughts because they are negative...I dunno, all our newspapers are full of negative go figure.

> As a child, I was taught to only say something if it was positive and I was essentially a mute child. I had early negativity too. Sad childhood, from what I remember.

ugh, that sucks...who knows why some parents do what they do.




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