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A big life ahead, confused, and ambitious.

Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on July 11, 2009, at 2:36:28

It's 2:16am

I'm up, you know sometimes when you sense, that the previous, non known life, that was "poppy-all happy" was a lie, everything i see around me, everyone has changed. Or It's me, from being through a "hell-gravitional" flux, you know, who would I be talking to myself right now in 2005? 2003? If i only could warn, what was going to happen, the series of 100's of event's caused from choices, circumstance, and force of other's thinking (of diversity), know that space odassy. 2001 was a start, it ended in 2008, the life that was...prevailing, and vailed in 2006, 6, June. That's a bit wierd, the number's.

I mean, just to go back and "change" one thing, could have altered the path of what reality is "right now", to something totally diffrent, or maybe just, the same as it is.

I think, it's not all choice, it's gravitation pull on someone's thinking...Universal Cousiousness. Yet I don't know what the heck it is, but someone helped me, or this "vortex" opened up. I started knowing changes in the atmosphere, know, let me think!

just "coiencdiece" like seeing a cat, then the same cat again, but diffrent color. Is a dream or real? You tell me....People turning their addidute diffrent very quickly as in the past they where....everything was "Sunshine" I'm walking on Sunshine baby yea! Man, now i'm in a fog! gloom city! Lucky people who had a goodtime, everything fine....until what now?

I mean, dreams also are one thing, they foretell things, bad, I try to prevent them, yet it's.....nevermind. I had dream the sun, moon, strange things, that I have never, known, or possibly would ever understand, even in "mind-bending" movie I went to, 10-12 years ago, I said, that's just spooky, hello? some of them had a profacy!

Get a awarnessness/reality check.....yet there is no more. You know there was a.....mmm Star Trek, Voyager, that got thrown all the way to the other side of the galaxy, 75 years...warp 9 to get back, to "Regional" Space ground. Federation. That's what my mind feels like, it's been thrown into "quantem, chaos, yet still holding on" you life speed's up, then reverses, then you don't know where you are!

One second, your here.....Next, what the heck happened? (extreme example) called time acceleration, or being aware of one thing, the gravitaional pull, and not society.


Well, anyone want to join on World Wide Tour? Go to every Nation, mega-packed, what would you do if.....billion people where out there, what would your first reaction be, before you get on stage, talk? sing? joke? all in one? Because One figure, is standing in frount of billions.

anyway's just ranting....

I hope I wake up back to 2003....

have a nice night....rj




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