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Re: Tomorrow Is The Day of Therphy » Phillipa

Posted by Lindenblüte on October 17, 2006, at 19:57:09

In reply to Re: Tomorrow Is The Day of Therphy, posted by Phillipa on October 17, 2006, at 17:28:27

> Well it's that day and the session is over. My husband went in with me and that was fine. She spent two hours with me.

Wow! That's fantastic!

>Only charged $60 without insurance. One time deal on that only. But she said that I'm definitely anxious and now depressed. And she like me believes anxiety leads to depression. Also realizes antidepressants don't work for all people. Since benzos have worked for me I'm staying on them. It's been over 30 years.

It sounds like she has really good judgment, even from the first time meeting you, she sounds like she's confident that she's going to be able to help you out.

>So we are going to do things in baby steps. Right now I'm so frightened of being alone, going places, just fear. She said I didn't have to write but a list of things I used to enjoy would help narrow down where to start.

What a wonderful idea!

>I told her Nursing was my passion. So we'll probably start there. Not right away but maybe some voluntering in a medical setting in a while. I told her I love doing admissions and nurses(most) hate it maybe do them? I still have an active Nursing license. So no school til 2008. That gives me some time. She said I needed to work hard.

Phillipa, working hard has NEVER been your problem! You ride your bike like a 20-year-old. You respond to everybody's posts with so much caring! You're going to do great. Just remember BabySteps AND Working Hard. You have to know when you're strong enough to take a big step, and when you just need to take it easy for a little while. Therapy doesn't have to feel like hard work every single week. A lot of times the hard work is afterwards, when you go home and start to work on making sense out of it all. Well- you know you've got Babble to support you.

>Oh and my GP is getting me the consultation I requested for an endocrinologist as my depression anxiety got so bad when my thyroid went hypo. Never saw one. And my Mother died of Addison's disease so a cortisol level I will request and also hormone levels if he does them even though I've been through menopause. She said that the depression I had at age 27 that I got myself out of means I can do it again.

Hey Phillipa! I had this depression when I was 27 too. I think I got myself out of it also (mostly :) ) Still have a couple months before I turn 28!! I hope your endocrinologist can get you sorted out. My mom has an extremely competent endocrinologist for her chronic hypothyroid. Her levels change with weight fluctuation, with stress, etc. My mom credits her endocrinologist for making her healthy enough to conceive a 3rd child (who turned out the best of any of us, IMHO). It's kind of like tinkering with a very delicate system. These hormones can really change your moods, so take good care of yourself, okay?

>I'm so tired . I asked her why she said that talking for hours would do that. But I used to do so many things and be so physically active running etc. She said it didn't matter. Oh and that goes on the list too as I no longer can run due to disc problems in my neck and spine. No idea when the consult will be. probably weeks. But anyway what do you think ? Do you think this sounds like a good therapist? Love Phillipa

HAH! Talking IS exhausting. Can you imagine being a T? My oldT used to do a lot of the talking. No wonder he was so fit!! haha. Phillipa, from what you describe, she sounds like a good therapist. Tell us you you FEEL about her. Do the things she says "make sense" to you? Does her attitude work with yours? Maybe some time in the future you may feel like talking about difficult things. Will she be someone you could possibly open up to?

Did she seem sincere? Caring? Kind? Like she wanted to help?

Did she seem cold? annoyed? impatient? like she just wanted to wrap things up?

hopefully more of the former, and less of the latter.

Let us know!!!







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