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Re: :) but it sure did take the charm out of it :-(

Posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2005, at 21:36:29

In reply to :) but it sure did take the charm out of it :-( (nm) alexandra_k, posted by orchid on October 20, 2005, at 21:23:51

sometimes it can seem that way...

life and reproduction were thought to be magical or mystical things. things that could not really be explained.

we don't know everything about them but modern advances in the biological and chemical sciences mean that we now have a view of the form the explanation should take. the biological / chemical processes may seem boring at times... it might seem like the mystery has been explained away. but another way to look at it is to marvel at the biological and chemical processes. at how amazingly complex and diverse those things are.

mystery still remains
and there is still room for a 'spiritual' way of viewing it

wittgenstein said that there were a few things that helped get one in touch with the mystical. one of those was that there is something rather than nothing (ie the fact that the universe exists). another that i would add is that there is something that it is like to be me.

sometimes science seems to be silent on what it is that most interested us.

maybe... you are more interested in spirituality and living a meaningful life than you are interested in experimental psychology and what the experimental psychologists have learned about physiological processes and memory and attention and what biology and the behaviourists have to say about drives etc.

thats cool :-)

sometimes science is silent on what interests us the most...

though sometimes... what they have to say is one way of accessing those other things and one way of prompting that mystical feeling in us (that is what i find for me anyway)

and sometimes... what they have to say about the evolution of functional mechanisms and the processes of learning and attention and memory etc come to bear on phenomenology and what it is that interests us the most. not terribly often... you have to extrapolate a bit... but it is relevant...





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