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IHad WILD UNINHIBITED SEX WI/Therapist (Finally!!)

Posted by allisonross on October 20, 2005, at 13:42:23

In reply to I kissed my T!!! :), posted by happyflower on October 2, 2005, at 17:20:02

> Just kidding! I just want to talk! I am bored!
Gawd, I LOVE you, ya crazy woman, ya! Actually, I hate to disappoint you (LOL), but I (underline the word....I) am the poster child for crazy, sassy. I tell my therapist i have an evil twin (Francesca) who does and says the crazy stuff! I've been told all of my life i am "crazy, bad, eccentric, etc....:" My T says he has never met anyone like me (no one else has either, LOL!) Gosh, i wish the above was true! Not like I haven't been workin on him for 2 years, LOl, LOL!! I could write tons here, but will try to keep it short (gotta get back to the sex thing, ya know).......Gosh, i am in a lot of love with my T for 2 years (I told him, and we've discussed it many times---he asks me if it is helpful....I told him that it is the "elephant in the living room" we can ignore it, but it will always be there. I think he is the most brilliant therapist/man on the planet; so does it all works out splendidly! LOL! I told him (we are so alike, it is unbelievable) that HE is ME in male form........been alone for 5 months now (my sex drive was ALWAYS on KILL); divorced after 31 years of abuse (consider myself an expert in abuse/verbal, and counsel abused women.) Took me 25 years to find the book, which saved my mind (well, what I had of it), and should be required reading for everyone on the planet: The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia can read my sordid (yet transcendent) story: The Transcendent Child on Overcoming Verbal and Spiritual Abuse (Imagine that...a nutcase like me, published with the Ph.D.'s!!) You can also read my (unbelievable) story of spiritual abuse: (voted out of a 31-year church membership), with my name up on a big screen, followed by the words: CONDUCT UNBECOMING A CHILD OF GOD (did this to me on my birthday 3 yrs ago). I stood up (literally one one occasion), and fought them (sexist "men") for 18 months, to try and stop the pastor of disaster (LOL) from "counseling" any more women, because 2 of them wanted to commit suicide.....I was called to a meeting of deacons (16 "men") who asked if I was "still having sex with my ex." No boundaries......(An author told me i should have asked if they were still master........))!! Anyway, that is how I journeyed with the angel who is still my therapist..he is also an expert on spiritual abuse......he is the best in the Universe.......Cultured, intelligent, musician, incredible sense of humor (almost as good as mine), sensitive, sensual (woops, who said that!!??), integrity....the list is almost endless! I've written my memoir: Ghost Child to Triumph (from a child with no voice, to someone who speaks up against injustice in the world); have a publisher interested; soon as i become rich and famous, plan to quit the job that makes me lose my will to live!.....Alone for the 1st time in 31 years, but doing well.....they can beat me, but they can't EAT me (hmmmm), that could NEXT wish, LOL.....tolja I was krazy! Now, if I could only tell you the things that has transpired between me and my T........especially.....what happened....LAST week.....Gosh, I wish my subject line was true....i am doing everything (LOL) I can to make it that way (yah, I know all the rules, etc.); told my T I am the strongest woman and have more control than any other human being......geez, almost 3 years of the torture of unrequited love........just call me masochist. Told him I would rather be in pain WITH him, that without him......As I said, we have the BEST relationship; I am not afraid to say just about anything to him; and we discuss anything.........I am always trying to bend/break the boundaries; he is always trying to keep up and keep them!! LOL....hugs to all.......e-mail me:




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