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What's really depressing is...

Posted by 64bowtie on May 24, 2004, at 13:46:52

...that we are so confused about what depression really is.

(I'm only reporting what has been shared in the past.)
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Some think it's not getting our own way or not getting what we want when we want it. Is it un-met expectations, over and over again? Some accuse drugs, booze, and rock-n-roll. Is it because we're just toooo dumb to know better? Some accuse us because that's how they feel about themselves. Is it anger turned inward on us?
* * * * * * * * * *
(I'm only reporting what has been shared in the past.)

Yet, depression has become big-business, literally. The inevitablility of "middle-aged" depression for baby-boomers has become a marketing windfall for the meds-folk and their factories.

Some animals seem to suffer depression, even in the wild. They have been observed to just wonder off and die, seemingly otherwise healthy by testing vets.

And I have met elderly folks who claim they haven't had time to be depressed. I believe that. They claim to keep busy with new stuff, all the time. Their visual-cortex is processing new scenery every moment. Survival kicks-in and they become busy processing the new stuff. We can learn an aversion strategy that works like that. Perhaps that's what my elderly acquaintances were reporting over the years, an aversion strategy.

Internal-conflict, left unresolved can be seen to eventually become depression. Meds buy us time away from the conflict. Run outta meds? Poof! ...and the depression returns, right after the reappearance of the yet un-resolved internal-conflict.

Let's see. Conflict is disharmony between two entities at the level of motives (investment in feelings) or opinions (story about feelings). For internal-conflict, we're it! the story is that we can be "over-invested in our feelings" becomes depression, perhaps? Does that make sense.

We start feeling crumby just about the time all fails to improve as we might have hoped it would. If this is layer upon layer inside layer, I see a maze of "over-invested feelings" I can't get out of (like the mazes at the fun-park).

Depression didn't just happen yesterday. If I have it, I had to work at it. But, I can fix whatever I break, so I can extinguish those feelings of depression. Now, Which are the best tools for the job?

Let me at 'em!(the tools)





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