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Re: Psychiatrist doesn't want me anymore :(

Posted by responsiblek9 on November 18, 2003, at 22:50:45

In reply to Re: Psychiatrist doesn't want me anymore :( responsiblek9, posted by Elle2021 on November 18, 2003, at 7:05:50

The fugue states are where I lose contact with where I and get disoriented . Have gotten lost for days wandering through the mountains . I have woken up in other states and had to make phone calls to find out where I was from a friend and calm down from the fear of being lost. LOL> I would not ask a stranger where I was . Then had to go get a map to figure out how to get home. These normally last around 4 days . The longest was three months , medication caused that one . I dont eat when I am that way. Dont repond to people . Evidently I dont hear them very well either . Name responce is poor to non existent. The one thing I do respond to well is the service dogs . So the focus of the therapy has been helping me to train my Service dog to body block and keep me from wandering off in that state .They also will and have been taught to take me home or to a neighbor they know if I am not there upstairs. It does work and has kept me from ending up dead ,or lost like I used to get. If I get really upset or frightened I tend to drop off into this problem . The therapists and psych doctors have seen this problem , And they also say it is definately not MPD . It is a PTSD issue from severe physical and other abuse . And in severe form will drop into a catatonic state. It was funny how my friends got me to wake up. They put my hand wrapped onto the service dog guide handle and had the dog lead out for them . I would follow since my hand was locked on the handle or leash.After a bit I would start coming around. Still a bit ut of it but could start responding to the people with yes and no if they asked direct questions and slowly over time would come aware . The physical act of moving in response to another critter I had no fear of and trusted worked well.

> Hi,
> I'm not familiar with fugue problems. What exactly is that? I'm glad that you don't seem to have trouble seeing a different psych. I'm Borderline PD and I get attached soooo easily. Plus I have these abandonment/trust issues which make things even worse. I can't make the break.
> Last time he mentioned he thought I was feeling suicidal...I was. I wouldn't ever commit suicide, I'm too afraid of going to hell for it. I told him that I was experiencing suicidal ideation. Here we are two months later and no call from him or even his secretary to see how I'm doing. Hmm, maybe getting a new psych won't be so hard after all. Writing these posts has led me to see that his behavior really isn't appropriate. Your definitely right, if he can't help me, then I better find someone who can.
> I hope you find someone who can help you out too. I guess we're all surviving together. God bless you.
> Elle




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