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Re: Mad at Therapist Poet

Posted by Susan J on November 14, 2003, at 11:00:25

In reply to Mad at Therapist, posted by Poet on November 14, 2003, at 10:41:40

Hi, Poet,

> Then started in on *if you don't get it, are you emotionally able to handle it this time? Or will you get depressed, and lose control (bulimia) again?*
> What I wanted was support.
<<Arrrgh! I know how that sucks. I'm sorry. It's definitely worth addressing this situation the next time you talk to her. Are you like me? I just get so shocked or whatever when someone says something that hurts/bothers/annoys me, that I say's only later that I can come up with something rational to say back.

>>but what I wanted was encouragement that I felt ready to try again.
<<Someone on the med boards posted saying she wanted to go off drugs (she's bipolar). She'd discussed it with her docs and they were cool with it. They warned her that the stress of school might make it rough, but she was *motivated* to do it. I don't think people, even therapists, give motivation the credit it deserves. Its a very powerful tool.

If you are motivated to go job hunting, then I say by all means, go job hunting. Motivation, which can be so elusive for me, is like a wonder drug to me. It gives you the power to do what might seem impossible. So if you've got it, I say take advantage of it now and go looking, even if all the rest of your *ducks aren't in a row* like still having doubts or whatever. I mean, whose ever are? :-)

> She just said, well, as always I'll hope the best for you,
<<Yeah, don't people see that sometimes that's a backwards insult? I'm sure she meant it in the best way possible, but *I* would read that she thinks you have no chance at success, but she'll still wish you the best. I wouldn't have taken it as encouragement, either.

My therapist is actually really good at encouraging me, to the point that sometimes I can see she's just being over supportive. That bugs me a bit, but better than saying stuff that can hurt, even when it's not meant to...

> I feel threatened again that if I lose it she will push me out to the specialist. Which at this point might not be a bad idea.
<<I'm not sure what a specialist is (in what field), but perhaps a change of therapist might be good. I dunno.

Anyway, good luck with job interviews. They suck, but I think they are always good experience, and they put your name out there. Maybe something might not open up right away, but they could remember you for something different down the road.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. Things will work out OK. You seem very strong, even with your therapist acting a bit weird. :-)





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