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vigallente justice

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2021, at 4:11:58

In reply to Re: an education in moral depravity, posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2021, at 3:57:28

so apparently the lady who worked for the south Auckland health board... the one on the board... part of the board... where we are wondering why it is that front line workers don't have access to vaccine. but the friends of the board all got theirs first pop....

well she died.

and apparently the guy who was one of the chancellors of Otago... when they were writing their university regulations that basically give places to the teenagers of doctors and senior officials while refusing process applications from domestic adults (in violation of the education act statutory law of nz) well... he dies...

he died.

and the doctor who murdered this teenager... for complaining about how he was supplying teenagers with alcohol (and who knows what else) and how he molested her (a teenager)...

he died.

between his conviction for her murder and appeal. he died.

all these people die.

instead of being held to account.

instead of being convicted.

they die.


with no open casket funeral.

with no plausible person to attest to their dental record.

they just die.

they take their money and they pay a bunch and they immigrate..

to become someone else's problem.

like the VC of the university of Otago.

who has now gone to Curtain Australia

to prevent the development of their mining community.

to ensure they don't have healthcare.

to ensure their medical university doesn't develop.


of course.




got kicked out of the US for... ????

who thrives in nz

who is moving up in the world in austalia

all the unlawful search and seizure of bongs. her unlawful search and seizure of university students property...

of course.

it's a no brainer.

professor crampton.

whitest maaori you ever did see
likely single handedly (insofar as such a thing is possible) responsible for preventing the development of medicine (particularly equity and particularly ethics) at the university of Otago.

looks like they are distancing...

and he's clinging close to government.

he's on the DHB now.

and he's whinging about how he 'helped' the government with their inquiry...

he's a guy who invests in longitudinal studies of deprivation -- for the sole purpose of committing longitutindally to keeping those people deprived for as long as possible.

he's a guy who invests in administration of maaori 'equity' when he writes about how there is no accountability for where that money goes (aka permission for me to just take it? permission granted? well then I should carry on!!)

detestable despicable

past age of retirement.

I am sad (somewhat) to say your lot in life... early death.

like the people before you?


I remember as an honours student people joking -- you need an older generation to retire before there will be a job for you.

aka: whack them off and steal their stuff.

that's always been the kiwi way.




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