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Re: prophet mohammed, aussie war vets

Posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 12:58:00

In reply to Re: prophet mohammed, aussie war vets, posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 12:42:03

Roe v University of Otago. Refusal to process application to enrol. Refusal to process application to enrol. Refusal to supply application to enrol.

They are a private university? No. They are a public university who is required by statute to enrol domestic adults in programmes they have applied for. But they are selling the places to alumni donors and the like. Not so they can use the profits to offer scholarships for poor students... They aren't a private university ffs. They are a public university. They cry cry cry for government hand-outs because they can't afford to operate once they've scammed teh money off and out of the system. It's like ''The Knick'' why they will never get a hospital. For every dollar tehy get for the new hospital the vultures scam teh money out and there' snothing left to hire doctors. They are training dogs apparently. DOg handlers are the new pathologists. Waikato is getting people who arne't surgeons or doctors doing surgery but they call it something other than surgery. See... It makes perfect sense...

Roe v University of Auckland. Refusal to process application to enrol. Refusal to process application to enrol. Refusal to calculate GPA accurately. Refusal to rank order score accurately. Refusal to offer places on the basis of their correctly entered rank order score list.

Roe v University of Waikato. Refusal to enrol in the programme she applied to. Refusal to send a thesis out to examiners. Refusal to send a thesis out to be examined for the degree teh studnet was enrolle din (sent a masters out for phd examination). Refusal to base the outcome on reports of examiners. Demand for exit payment / bribe 're-enrol and pay us more fees within ONE MONTH of receipt of this letter or you will never complete the qualification'. Refusal to keep accurate records.

They started altering my transcript to remove enrolment dates, alter points values of qualifications.

Just self-destruct. OUr education system. REfusal to process refusal to process refusal to process...

Roe v New Zealand Vice Chancellor's Committee. Refusal to follow complaints procedure / whistelblower allegations that the University of Waikato was refusing to do any of the things it is their statutory function to do as a public university. COmplaint was squashed. It was supposed to go to the police for criminal prosecution. It was supposed to go to the New Zealand Vice Chancellor's Committee a meeting of all the Vice Chancellors of New Zealand so they could reflect upon whether they think that violating statutes is a good idea aka: Whether they need to be shut down.

Roe v Auckland District Health Boards. 1-7 September 2020 they involuntarily detained me against my will. They kept me in a room by myself (a seclusion cell) for a night in toxicology. There was no psychiatric assessment conducted. Apparently they could just keep there there for however long they wanted on the grounds that 'a psychiatrist is coming'... They posted multiple large pacific islander guards outside the door so that I was physically prevented from leaving. They refused to allow me a phone to call a lawyer. They refused to allow me a phone to call the police. I asked them multiple times to step aside and allow me to go about my lawful business and they refused. They held me for days in the ''psyhicatric ICU" refusing to allow me to use a phone to call a lawyer or the police. 15 minutes obs torch in my face to prevent me from sleeping.

What kind of a country does this?

That's how important it is to them to give medical training places to the highest bidder... TO keep people murdered and raped and involuntarily detained in our ''health system''. We don't really have medications. We don't really have doctors. We don't really have psychiatrists.

There's nothing here. There's nothing here. There's nothing here. There's nobody home.

The government doesn't publically advertise positions. They don't publically advertise government jobs or university jobs or jobs in teh hospitals. They intentionally advertise them as horrible so nobody will apply (who wants to be pathologist from 12am to 7 am part time 15 hours work per week?) and so on... To ensure they say 'we can't get enough people to want to do it'. They intentionally give jobs (money money dollar bills) to people incompetent and inept who do not do the job who ensure the job is not done.

This country has decided I am complete and utter garbage. Nothing. Worthless. Back to being homeless. You know why we like to keep people homeless? The death rate. Premature death.


This wonderful country of ours.

The lengths peopel are going to...

The lengths people go to...

To ensure we don't have journals. We dno't have research outputs.

We don't have medicines. We don't have secure pay-roll systems. We can't keep secure alumni donor lists...

There's nothing here.

There's nobody home.

F*ck*ng incompetent idotic psychopaths.

You keep slaves: What do you expect is going to happen?

You get sick and...

Teh vultures swoop down.

Look at the mess y'all made.

Congrats. Well done... Just contract it all out to overseas.



There's nothing here.




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