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whistle blower laws

Posted by alexandra_k on June 26, 2020, at 20:16:23

In reply to Re: how much time?, posted by sigismund on June 24, 2020, at 22:39:51

Apparently ours have recently been 'updated'. Or... We have some now. Something like that.

Not sure why -- but it's the Minister of Education's job to say a little thing to the media about that.

Oh yeah, it's because of all the allegations of sexual harrassment that students make about staff in our Universities only for the Universities to go 'rubbish rubbish pooh pooh go away' and not follow up on the complaints / not acknowledge the complaints at all.

I phoned the fraud hotline to inform them of this bad habit the Universities have gotten into with double-billing. That is to say the supervisor says 'keep working and hand over more money or you will never qualify to complete your Degree' when external examiners don't say that the student is required to keep working for an extended enrolment period.

They laughed at me. Said that I phoned the wrong number. Said this was the fraud hotline that was only for allegations of mis-spending.

The State Services Commission. That's who it is, apparently. The people who ensure only corrupt incompetents are hired for watch-dog positions.

Apparently there is something now about the woman who was hired as senior executive of the childrens and young persons thing. You know the one. The one that takes babies and infants and toddlers from the parents labels them 'vulnerable' and gives them to a succession of abusers in state care to ensure they grow up to become prostitutes (to look after our tourists and politicians no doubt) and gangbangers (to look after our tourists and politicians no doubt). You know. Hook them up with the party pills and whatever whatever whatever their sick little hearts desire. Someone to beat on. Whatever.

Apparently she's just charming to work with (not).

I don't know. I don't know what to make of it.

I know that when you don't provide a living wage, really, to people who look after children and the like then either they are really kind good hearted people doing it for the love of children... Or they are sick hearted psychopaths. The latter tend to drive out the former.

And there we are.




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