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Re: single-issue voters

Posted by LostBoyinNC45 on February 28, 2014, at 10:44:29

In reply to Re: single-issue voters, posted by Dr. Bob on February 28, 2014, at 1:41:06

The claim that pro-gun, pro-2A NRA membership are all "one issue voters" is a stereotype. As it is also a stereotype that most pro-2A, NRA membership are a bunch of r*dn*cks with rifles in a rifle rack in the back of their pickup truck.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but it just aint true.

Typical NRA member/voter: white male who works for a living and does not live off of entitlements. Although the NRA and gun lobby is getting a dramatic increase of numbers of white females who are increasingly attracted to both hunting and also are increasingly attracted to the idea of carrying a handgun concealed carry in their purse for personal protection. Yeah, they make pink handguns for real feminine ladys these days who cant fathom the idea of carrying around an ugly, black or brown colored handgun in their purse. So their handgun is hot pink, I sh*t you not.

Other stats on NRA members voters are a lot of them have good jobs, are educated, strongly believe in self reliance and self sufficiency. Many own their own small businesses. You'd be very surprised at how many doctors and lawyers are into guns bigtime. And have their concealed carry license and carry concealed handguns regularly, in states where thats legal.

Illinois just approved some sort of concealed carry law, made the anti-gunners really angry.

In short, if you are against the 2A, you are up against white people who work, who vote consistently, who have decent to good jobs and make decent to good money.

And youre gonna lose if you go up against them politically, except in a few states where there are not that many white, WASP type people (CT, NY, NJ, CA and a few others).

These same pro-2A, NRA voters are not single issue voters. This crowd also cares a lot about stuff like, private ownership of land, keeping the economy free enterprise and creating an environment where its relatively easy to just up and start your own business and make a lot of $$$$, controlling the number of people who are living off of the gubmint...dependency upon the gubmint is bad bad leads to ghettos and poverty and a "slave" mentality. "I just want to live off the gubmint and get my monthly check from the govmint, they owe it to me afterall I feel sorry for myself."

Yeah, lots of other issues the pro-2A, NRA membership voters care about, not just Second Amendment. Many care about the other Constitutional rights as much as the 2A, things like freedom of speech, the FOURTH AMENDMENT, the FIFTH AMENDMENT, ALL THE AMENDMENTS.

People stereotypice pro-2A, NRA voters as buffoons and thats one of the reasons people keep losing to them. Hell, my own psychiatrist admitted to me about two months ago he has a family member who is an NRA member. And my shrink is Jewish. LOL

Another stereotype, that all Jews in America are left wing nuts. A lot of them are, but NOT ALL are. Anytime you stereotype a group of people you are getting ready to lose.

Eric AKA "LostBoyinNC"

> > Gun control advocates are often single-issue voters, and for this reason, the organization has unusual sway over the election of candidates
> >
> > Many other people, who belong to various organizations, are not single-issue voters-- there are many issue that divide their loyalties
> OK, but why don't other issues divide the loyalties of gun control advocates?
> Bob




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