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deep sleep, antidepressants

Posted by Christia on December 26, 2011, at 13:58:08


I am not sure anyone can help, but I'm gonna try!

Background: The only meds I have ever responded to are parnate (pooped out), effexor, and cymbalta. Savella, all SSRis, remeron, etc. failed.

I recently started EmSam. The bottom line is that my depression is slowly worsening on it. However, my body feels so much better on it than on cymbalta.

Here is my laymans take on why.

While cymbalta helps with depression, its likely interfering with late stage sleep as shown in a sleep study. Hence my cognition, my pain levels, and my overall sense of calm are much better while not taking it. On cymbalta I am in real pain upon awakening. While it helps with depression, the med makes me feel like I drank coffee and alcohol togethersuper tired and jumpy.

Still, I do not want to be depressed.

So, if cymbalta is the way to go, given that I have to take it at night because its sedating, is there something I can add that will make stage 3 and 4 sleep possible without further affecting my ability to function during the day?

Or, is there something I can do to boost the EmSam? Are any new meds on the horizon?

Thanks in advance for any tips!




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