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help with effective combination of med/supplements

Posted by Lunette on October 28, 2011, at 17:54:58

Please forgive the long post. I will try to fill in details as best I can.

I have long-term C-PTSD with related insomnia, chronic fatigue, inattentive ADD, depression and occasional OCD. Oh and I am 52 so it seems I am close to menopause too so hormones may be a factor to consider as well.

I would like to move away from meds if possible or at least cut down and enhance with supplements.

I am super-sensitive to meds even at micro-doses and so it has been really challenging finding the right cocktail.

I can not tolerate most meds at all and often times I have paradoxical effect to what the med is supposed to do. I can not tolerate alcohol.

anyway, I could never tolerate any of the SSRI's, nor sleep meds. Crazy side effects with Nardil many years ago. Could not tolerate Amitriptyline, Remeron. Hated Cymbalta > worst side effects ever. Trazadone actually was good for helping me sleep but after several weeks it gave me recurring migraines/headaches. Oh and same with antihistamines.

So I really thought I could not do any meds. But as it happens I have been able to tolerate the following for the last year or so:

* Wellbutrin XL 300mg
* Dexedrine between 5-15mg 1-4 times a week.
* Gabapentin 600-1200 mg for sleep

The best med was the gabapentin which I found was actually quite a mood lifter with anti-pressant, anti-anxiety effects, And for a while I even felt euphoria. And few side effects. I do think that it has had a negative effect on my cognition and memory though which I sense is also made worse by the Wellbutrin. But the gabapentin seemed like such a really nice med otherwise and it helped me have the best sleep in years.

Unfortunately, I feel that all of them have pooped out on me and I am struggling to find something else that works. Also the wellbutrin at 300mg made my hair fall out in clumps. I noticed when I went down to 150mg my hair did not fall out so I am at 150 again this week and am hoping to phase it out completely or at least for a few months holiday if I can not find a better combination.

I have just added Nortriptyline about a month ago and at first even at 2.5mg it made me so wired and drugged but could not sleep until the next morning and then I would crash and sleep most of the day with brutal headaches and body aches. So instead I began taking it in morning at micro-doses and after a few days, I actually found it made me feel quite alert which was a surprise because I was taking it to help me sleep! I have slowly built up to 5mg and been moving the time up a little each day as I noticed that even though I would feel alert that I also was beginning to feel tired/sleepy too. So I am experimenting with taking it late afternoon and also early evening and am going up to 10mg this week. Perhaps it will take a little more time and a higher dose for it to be effective for sleep so I am giving it more time as it seems to have a positive effect on ADD too. The nasty side effects seem to be much less so now so fingers crossed this may actually be a good replacement for the Wellbutrin. Side effects I am noticing are dry mouth and a little constipation but I am on such a small dose that it seems to be manageable as I am on a high fiber veggie diet with lots of water and large dose magnesium.

I am feeling like I have given the meds a good shot but would like to find a more natural alternative that will cover more bases.

I have had great luck with Gabapentin and also with natural GABA although it is expensive. So I am trying taking some Taurine, Inositol and Mags to help support gaba. I have started magnesium glycinate/citrate/malate as well as transdermal mag chloride.

In Daytime
* high quality B-Complex which incldues P-5-P
* Rhodiola 250mg
* Vit D 2,000
* Methyl B12 2,000
* Glutamine 2-3grams
* Mag 150 mg
* Omega Oils with DHA
* Lecithin 1 tablespoon
* Wellbutrin 150 (down from 300)and would like to phase out

In evening:

* Magnesium 150 x 3 divided doses from dinner until 1am
* Taurine 2-3 grams from dinner until bedtime
* Gabapentin 900 mg in three divided doses from dinner until 9:30pm
* Inositol approx 3 grams

I only take Dexedrine in very low doses as needed but I would like to stop taking it altogether. I did try to come off of it completely and noticed I slid into a deep depression so I am only taking a little each week until I can figure out a better alternative. I find it is calming and has some antidepressant properties for me. But I am not keen on being on stimulants long term.

oh I should add that I have not been able to tolerate melatonin but have had some luck in the past with 5-htp to help me sleep but it poops out quickly so I can not take it regularly.

I would like to come off the wellbutrin and am wondering if St John's Wort may be the best alternative for me as from what I have heard it enchances Dopamine, Gaba, and all the neurotransmitters so it seems like an obvious choice.

Is it safe to take St. John's Wort with small dose of nortriptyline 10mg? Can I take it to withdraw from wellbutrin and dexedrine. Would it be better to try selegenine first?

is there anything I can add or a better combination to help with chronic fatigue, cognition, memory, sleep, depression and menopause? My energy is so low during the day even on the days that I get some sleep so I don't want to be on meds that make feel like a zombie and even less functional.

I am eating pretty healthily with extra protein and greens powders in the mornings too. I do not drink coffee but I drink some teas, oolong, green and roobios and other herbal teas.

I really am feeling drawn to the St Johns wort and Kava so if you can consider that in the mix I would be most grateful for your thoughts and guidance.

I have dabbled with other things too that had some promising effects so perhaps it may be worth augmenting with one or some of these too: L-theanine, ashwaghanda, lemon balm tea, oat straw, skullcap, gingko, tyrosine. .. all of these were limited use so not sure how effective or consistent they may be but no noticeable side effects

I can not tolerate Valerian so that is out.

I am sure there is more I am missing.

Can you please review all of this and give me some advice. Are there better times to be taking the supplements or combinations? Is this a good plan for withdrawing from WB and Dex too?

thanks for your help




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