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Never Will Say Good-Bye, Michael

Posted by Fivefires on July 6, 2009, at 13:24:30

I've been here 'not lurking' but keeping watch over friends here, but w/o the capability (I thought.) to post. I've been glad to see some of my friends doing well, better, and I'm sorry if I've missed any tragedies. No; not what my post is about. I needed to say. Thank you.

Been cryin' at a sweet voice and simple answers to questions from the media in clips v the anti-establishment words of tunes, soul-stirring great dance which, I feel, could have left easily some spinal cord damage, and a voice he wrapped around the words of songs, simple, kind, to out-spoken!

I'm 'stuck' @ how such a soft spoken, kind, caring 'man?' was able pull so much creativity from his core. Was it money, advisors? I'd like believe, in the end, he put the final awesome touches on suggestions of colleagues(sp?).

Admit I'm paying more attn to him in death than life, but know not alone.

The performance he was rehearsing for the day or night before shows how he had the foresight and kindness to really share center stage with his accompanying dancers, musicians, walking behind them, zooming in next to them, going from behind them to in front of them, never really putting ALL the focus on himself and this is admirable.

I don't care if he wished to spend his money to look the way he wished. Hard to hear dirty laundry.

Maybe you've seen pic' of he and one of his babies. He's doing just what I would do w/ my child 'in the buck maybe just out of a bath', covering his private parts. Idk the truth; I didn't pay attn to the trials; but to lie on a large bed and sleep or cuddle w/ a person you trust and love, like a child, if this is all it was, .. I'm guilty as charged.

To friends here who are feeling like I, sad at loss of brilliant person, tortured yeah, creator and performer yeah, I'm on board.

Me, feeling 'real' and ok I guess, letting things go to an angel I'm calling night-n-gale today as have dr appt w/ new PCP re back pain at a time whole world cautious re: narcotics from the FDA, DEA, Michael.

As all ways, best wishes and hope we learn a little more about ourselves and never say good-bye ..


and: If need be, pls transfer this post to proper area DEPUTIES? Thank you.




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