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paul's writings

Posted by rjlockhart37 on May 21, 2022, at 1:43:40

i'm not a theologian or a pastor, im a runt, but .. i don't know how to explain because i havent studied paul's teachings too much. I mainly focus on jesus's words, and parables. But paul teaches spot on accurate things, about thw end times, about faith in christ, body of christ, and the reserection of christ. The one thing, he preaches pre-tribulation, that we will be met up in thw sky when jesus christ returns, the dead will be raised from their graves, and will be caught up in the air. Another teachings is the freedom of laws, were above the law, or were free in christ. That's a unsure teaching, because we still are held accountable for our sins, we're not free to run out and indulge in sin, we have to repent, paul teaches with christ no sin is done, well if you commit slander, and falsey accuse and make up stories, that is not free under the law. I'm not sure if i'm explaining, just read - jesus came to forgive our sins, because sin cannot be with god, they used to have to do sacrifices, for sins, thruogh priests. He said your forgiven, and sin no more. That means, being followers and becoming a true christain, in rejecting sin, or resisting sin, and repenting of it, if sin has been done. Paul...his teachings about the dead and everyone will be met up with him in thw air.

This is end days, but there will be a time where true christains will be persexured during the great tribulation, totalitarian rule will excerise that power. Jesus also saie 'whoever endures till the end shall be saved'. Sometimes, i think that the christ coming in thw sky, is gonna be the false jesus, yes there is a counterfit christ. Yes, there is christ that th world has made up, through babylonian teachings, thw holy grail, the bloodline of jesus thruogh thw affair jesus had with mary magdalene. It's a counterfit, it's not the real one. So Paul's teachings - yes are very spot on and accurate, the body of christ, he is the main theme in christain teachings, throuogh the bible. There's just ... sometimes, when i was young, i was taught what will happen in the end times, we were chosen kids, brought into room and were shown all the 1990s end times videos, left behind, and they told us we were the generation that will see it. Global peace will happen, and then through out that, a power will rule over society. That's all i know, but listen to jesus's words, in all the books, and revelation. His followers have to give up the ways of the world, and follow him. Doing goosness, healing the sick, save socieety. Thanks for reading. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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