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Lou's request-seeking Sigusmisd Lou Pilder

Posted by Lou Pilder on December 12, 2012, at 18:11:09

In reply to Lou's request-dheheudhrhog sigismund, posted by Lou Pilder on November 20, 2011, at 11:23:15

> > To be specific, I found, as a child, the lines 'His blood be on us and on our children and our children's children' really impressive in a way I can dimly recall.
> > It made it clear how wicked they were.
> >
> > Now it seems melodramatic and unreal, and in a moral sense the most unspeakable thing to assert when we (surely) know it to be untrue.
> Sigismund,
> You wrote,[...thing to assert...].
> The issue here that is in discussion covers many things that could be likely to expose Jews to hatred or contempt on the basis that Jews are depicted her in this site as those that can not have eternal life or forgivness on the basis that Jews reject the claim in question that has outstanding requests from me to Mr.Hsiung to post as to if in his thinking the statement in question is supportive or not.
> As long as my request remains outstanding, readers could have the potential IMHHHO to considers Jews and others tthat do not accept the claim in question to be likely to be exposed to the potential of antisemitic violence.
> You see, when people take psychotropic drugs, the drug could induce a mind-alterd state to compel the taker of the drug to want to kill themselves and/or others, even mass-murder. And when the person is in a community that promulgates antisemitim on the basis of allowing statement thatcould lead a Jew to feel put down and/or accused, then that taker of the drug could get in their mind to target a Jew for murder. After all, could they not be led to think that it is supportive to think the following about Jews?
> To see the following post from here:
> A. Go to the search page at the bottom of this page.
> B. Type in:
> [Lou's request to Dr Hsiung, December 13, dark]
> You may see many posts. The one in question was posted on 6:47:49 to click on.
> You will see the dehuminizing and drogatory imagery directed toward the Jews in the post. The deputy then at that time states that Mr. Hsiung did not delete the post. If he did, then why was not the post here also deleted? You see, there is much more to this that I can not post here due to prohibitions made to me by Mr. Hsiung.
> Lou
> Sigismund,
If you could post from your perspective here some more, I think that you could be of help to the Jews throughout the world because of the nature now that Mr Hsiung is encouraging members here by the nature of him allowing others to defame me here, and by what he has posted about me here that allows a member to defame me and dump hatred upon me including using me for a scapegoat for their real or imaigined in their minds that I am causing harm here. I am not causing anyone harm for I have come to help people be free from addiction and depression and to avoid death and life-ruining conditions.
If you could continue from your perspective I think that could go a long way to helping the Jews and others that could be used as a target for hate by the nature of what Mr Hsiung is allowing here.
In,{his blood be upon...}, there is more posted that continues to defame the Jews that is being allowed to be posted here. Please look at the admin board and post from your perspective that I see could help Jews and others from being victims of violence.




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