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Lou's reply-see the point Conundrum

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 13, 2010, at 5:21:20 [reposted on July 15, 2010, at 8:39:52 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Lou's reply-dudeh?, posted by Conundrum on July 12, 2010, at 23:17:24

> Yes, other mental demons not the drugs themselves. For instance in the video it says that using ritalin predisposes one to abusing cocaine and then mentions that Kurt Cobain was given ritalin as a child and therefore that was the reason he was suicidal. Couldn't he have been suicidal all along and especially once he became famous. It mentions he committed suicide after escaping a pyschiatric asylum. As if being in the asylum made him kill himself. He was put in the asylum AFTER he failed to kill himself. He got out and succeeded. If the asylum and psychiatry were the problem why didn't he die in the asylum? Because they were trying to help him and when he escaped he finally found peace.
> The entire video is just clips taken out of context and sensationalized and now the thread is wondering off course.
> This is a serious thread about the posters and their problems. Not celebrities abusing prescription and street drugs OD'ing. It trivializes what we are talking about.
> Now the video about meth with the mice is more telling, since yes amphetamine is chemically related to meth and yes it adderall is addictive. So yes psych drugs are brain damaging (to some its damage, to others and improvement) certainly brain changing. If they weren't then poop out would not exist, because something must change in the brain in order for poop out the drug to stop working, since it is the same drug going in.
> In that last video it seems that Gwen Owens is talking about psychotic and schizophrenic patients. Its no secret that drugs given to those patients are brain disabling.
> The scariest thing to me isn't the antipsychotic drugs which are known to have side effects its the supposedly harmless antidepressants, dispensed as with ice cream truck readiness in nice little painted boxes. At least they've had to start including black box suicide warnings on all AD labelings and commericials. Probably another 100 years before we find out they cause brain damage.
> And yes Lou I see your point now since, I've felt more close to the end now then I ever recall feeling when I was a teenager before I took these pills. Why go on if you can't feel? Just for everyone else I suppose, cuz you know it would destroy them if you were gone. Not like it really matters to you anyway, to have to stay alive, since you are mostly so numb to real pain except for those moments when you think about who and what you once were and how you will never be that way again and you actually manage to shed one tear. How you will never have that same spark of life you once had and how you are always in some way on a lower plane of consciousness and one step closer to rotting grey matter death. That you will never reach your full potential because your only set of equipment (your brain) is f**cked up. See I can write all of this and not feel that bad. You'd think I'd be crying but I'm not, its just the way it is matter of factly.
> Unfortunately time isn't even a healer when it comes to brain damage. its just there. The only hope I see is taking another med to try to fix the problem. Its like trying to get back home in quantum leap. Probably impossible but worth a shot, since you're not gonna get better on your own if you hadn't in the first 7 years off the drug.
> However I'm an exception. Many people don't have brain damage from psych drugs. Probably most don't. I think thats why its not being talked about. We are the privileged few, who unlike those in the first video who used pill to try to OD, well we reached to them in hope for a better life, in doctors and the system we trusted, and we got hemlock.
> C,
You wrote,[...yes Lou I see your point now...when I was a teenager before I took these pills...except for those moments when you think about who and what you once... that same spark of life that you once step closer to..death...another med to try to fix the problem...the system we trusted...]
There is a river. And this river takes one back to the green fields. And the river leads to the tree of life that one used to know. And there one could find restoration of joy that was once taken away.
There is a day. And in that day there will be a dreadful calling of death. But somone will be sent before the coming of that dreadful day. And for those that see the point, the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in his wings.




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