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Lou's reply-schlhknoh SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on December 29, 2009, at 10:02:53

In reply to Unfaithfullness and Side Effects. Lou Pilder, posted by SLS on December 28, 2009, at 19:03:46

> > If you look at the PDR and see that the drug could cause;
> Which drug?
> > A. hallucinations
> > B. Suicide thoughts
> > C. depression
> > D. mania
> > E. delusions
> > F. euphoria
> > G. other related mind-altering states
> These are some of the possible side effects that can occur with the use of many psychiatric and non-psychiatric drugs. They are undesirable, and often indicate that the offending drug be discontinued and replaced with another treatment. What you fail to mention is that these things usually occur in a minority of people. It happens more often that a psychiatric patient glean benefit from drug treatment without the occurrence of the side effects that you have listed here. With further refinement, medical science will produce treatments with greatly reduced liability of producing undesirable psychiatric side effects.
> Unfaithful? How do you know?
> Is it unfaithful to your god that one take lithium?
> If you could produce evidence as to the proscription by your god the use of lithium, I could then respond accordingly.
> Thanks.
> - Scott

You wrote,[ it unfaithful..(your God)...that one take Li?...]
This discussion involves the innitial question by another member as to if taking medicine is being {unfaithful} to God. The overiding aspect from my view is as to which God one is referring to and what is or is not a medicine. Since the original poster included that they were taking medicine for mental-health issues, the subject then became about mind-altering drugs.
The meaning of {unfaithful} from my perspective in regards to being unfaithful to the God that I give service and worship to, is about that that God is a {personal} God. In the book called Genesis the first people heard the voice of the God that created them. They had converstaion with that God. And they had a knowlege of good and evil.
Now the word faithful has meanings for this discussion as the member wanted to know if taking medicine is being faithful to God. Now the God that I give service and worship to has an agreement with the people that worship that God in the form of commandments and duty. There is also a relationship that that God wants to have with those. There is affection because that God is a person that has created man in the image of God. There is thinking and decisions to be made. There is life and death. There is a promise of life everafter and the conditions for such.
I would like to look at a verse from the scriptures that the Jews use that they consider to be from that God as truth. The verse is in the 26th chapter of the book called Isaiah, the 3erd verse that reads,
[...He will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him, because he trusts in Him...]
You see, there is an agreement, a contract, a covenant that the Jews have with that God. It is about the mind. And if the mind is {stayed on Him}, one will be in perfect peace says the scripture.
Does your drug take your mind away from that God if you give service and worship to that God that I am referring to here. Is {faithfulness} in respect to this discussion now taking on more of a meaning?




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