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Lou's reply to Dena-beastoutvthesea-B

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 21, 2008, at 10:43:54

In reply to Lou's reply to Dena-beastoutvthesea Dena, posted by Lou Pilder on February 21, 2008, at 8:58:01

> > Lou -
> >
> > What is the meaning of the symbolism of the beast rising up out of the sea?
> >
> > Shalom, Dena
> Dena,
> You wrote,[...symbolism..beast...sea...].
> When John penned the book called The revelation, I believe that what he penned was intended for at least Jewish people that were versed in their scriptures and so that the symbols used could be understood by them. Then they could speak the meanings of the symbols to those not versed in the scriptures that the Jews used.
> The book says that what is in it is {to the 7 "churches"}. The English word, "church" means {the called out by the God that the Jews worship}. It has been revealed to me that the "7" churches then are symbolic of the {complete} group of the called out by God, 7 being the symbolic number that Jews consider to be meaning to be {complete}. The people in those called out by the God that the Jews worship groups, then have been revealed to me to be all of those people in all ages. This then has been revealed to me to mean that the book is to all those at anytime that are reading it, be it in the time period when John penned it, or anytime after that, being now or 1000000 years from now.
> The book writes that anyone that reads it will be blessed. The book writes that the one that penned it, John, was in Spirit at the time of penning it. It was what was revealed to him by an angel of God. And the book writes that it is to {he that has an ear} to let him hear what {The Spirit} says to {the churches}.
> My friends, it is my deep conviction that anyone that is reading this has an ear to hear and that the hearing will be a spiritual hearing. I base this on what I believe to be that the Word of God is what the God that the Jews worship use to draw all men to Him.
> The Jews had a king, David. He was the king of the nation of Israel. It has been revealed to me that there is a spititual Israel. And in the book called Genesis, we read in the 28th chapter, about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. and starting at verse 12, that the God of Israel tells Abraham that He will give him the land and to his seed. And then God says that his seed will spread to the west and to the north and to the east and to the south, and in his seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.
> Lou

You asked about the beast that came out of the sea that John penned in the book called The Revelation in chapter 13.In the 12th chapter,the 9th verse, we read,[...And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, which deceives the {whole world}...].
The symbolism here leads me to the book called Genesis in the 3erd chapter as we read,
[...Now the serpent was more subtle than {any beast} of the field which the Lord God had made...]
Then the serpent told Eve that if she ate of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil, that God had told that if they ate of it that they would die, that they would not die. They ate of the fruit of the tree and God confronted them and Eve said,[...The serpent deceived me, and I did eat...].
Then they were banished from the Garden and took with them the nature of man without eating of the tree of life which could have given them the nature of God.
The book called Revelation writes that the serpent has deceived not only Eve, but has deceived the {whole world}.
It has been revealed to me that the beast nature, since the first people left the Garden, is the natural nature of mankind that mankind is born with and that he that overcomes can eat of the tree of life.
It has been revealed to me that the beast nature is without spirit. It is concerned with self and like the serpent, is concerned with deceiving others to not worship God and to have others worship them by making images of themselves as I wrote concerning Nebuchadnezzar and that he made a golden image of himself, 60X6, that if people did not worship his image, he would have them killed.
It has been revealed to me that man does have a spirit, but it is like a seed and needs to be germinated. For reading in Genesis chapter 2, the 7th verse that God made man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul. The breath was God's breath (spirit) so that Adam did have God's spirit in him, like a seed, but needed to eat of the tree of life to germinate it, which he did not do. The book called Ecclesiastes, which is generally accepted to be written by Solomon, writes in the 12th chapter, the 7th verse,[...Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return to God who gave it...].
It has been revealed to me that this nature of man without the spirit of God awakened, is like any other soul. Animals are also living souls, but they did not have God breath into them as Adam did, so lack that spirit in them. This spirit that is in man has ben revealed to me to have man have a conscience of a God that created them, though, and that man can have awarness of a creator. And it has been revealed to me that the spirit is in a struggle with the flesh and spirit and untill the spirit overcomes the flesh, one will walk in the flesh and that the works of the flesh are of the beastly nature that leads to death,and the fruit of the spirit is joy and peace that leads to life.
The beast came out of the {sea}. When I read that I was led to the book called Isaiah, the 57th chapter, from verse 20,[...But the wicked are like a troubled sea, when it can not rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt...].




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