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Lou's reply to Dena-feighro Dena

Posted by Lou Pilder on February 3, 2008, at 14:58:38

In reply to Re: Lou's reply to Dena-ovrcm Lou Pilder, posted by Dena on February 2, 2008, at 23:03:54

> Lou, you wrote:
> "Dena,
> You wrote,[...excellant question... need revealed to me...replace lies with truth and walk in freedom...hope did not distract...]
> You did not distract but enriched the discussion by bringing in the two minds.
> I ask, did the replacement in your case;
> A. make you free from guilt that was not deseved?
> B. make you free from shame that was not deserved?
> C. make you free from fear that was not deserved?
> If you could respond to those, then I could add some other aspects to this discussion.
> Lou"
> Hmmm... I can't answer this simply, but I'll attempt to asnwer it nonetheless...
> As for what I "deserve"... I don't see that I deserve any of God's mercies, grace, or gifts... in fact, that's why His gifts to me are so amazing -- He wants me to have them, because He loves me, and He shows me that I can't possibly deserve what He gives me freely.
> His love is lavish in that regard (in ALL regards!).
> I see that I WAS guilty of being His enemy when I came into this life... I see that I felt shame, because of the awareness of that guilt... I see that I was then the slave of fear (which I see as the opposite of love).
> I experienced Truth replacing the lies that I believed, as His mercy towards me. He didn't want me enslaved to the lies I believed... He wanted me set free. Free to respond to Him, rather than to react to fear.
> I don't suppose my answer is helping...
> While I deserved, due to my own rebellion against Him, and my own resistance to Him, the consequences of what I believed, and how I thus reacted, He loved me enough to rescue me from both what I believed, and the consequences of my reactions.
> Even while I was resisting Him, He was pursuing me... He left the 99 sheep in the fold, and went after me, the one who was lost ... and He continued to pursue me until I was found.
> I've come to believe that love, and not fear, is the most powerful motivation in the universe... but that fear is the most common motivation in effect on this planet.
> I'm praying to have fear cast out of my life with perfect love, for fear is about punishment, and I no longer believe that God punishes, except to correct me, and to bring me back into relationship with Himself... so even His anger, and His wrath, is a result of His love for me.
> He loves me enough to be wrathful toward that which would destroy me -- including the lies I've believed.
> Does that answer you, or give you something to work with in what you're teaching, Lou?
> Shalom, Dena
> "The unanswered questions aren't nearly as dangerous as the unquestioned answers."

You wrote,[...his gifts...the slave of fear...shakled...rescued...I don't suppose...lost sheep...fear cast out of my life...].
We have been discussing things that other members have asked about and your replies are very helpfull indeed. The discussion has the componants of Solomon's Temple, Masonry, 666, and then the beast that came out of the sea and then the idols of the heart.
What has been revealed to me is that man has two natures and we could be led by one or the other. The one nature is that of just a animal with out a spirit, like the beasts of the jungle.
The scriptures used by the Jews tell of man being created out of the dust of the ground. But then God breathed into man the breath of life. Now man has a Spirit. It was God's breath, so the spirit came from God. Man can be led by the spirit or led by the flesh. Solomon, 666, the beast that came out of the sea, the idols of the heart. (I will reveal what has been revealed to me about this shortly)
The scriptures used by the Jews write in the book called Ezekiel chapter 34 verse 12;
[...As a shepard seeks out his flock in the day, that he is among his sheep that are scattered, so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day...].
When I was on that shore and saw the Beast come out of the sea I said to the Rider that I was lost and afraid and wanted a way out of here.
Then the Rider stretched out His hand and spoke words that I could not undertsand and a mighty wind pushed the sea apart and there was dry land leading way off to a great gate. Then the Rider vanished and there was like a great army comming at us to kill us and I could hear the sound of 1000 motors. I thought that they were commimg to keep me from being delivered. I looked at the great gate across the dry land that was opened up and the Rider was there and he called to me, "I am the door, I am the Good Shepard; the Good Shepard gives His life for the sheep" .




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