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Lou's response to aspects of greywolf's post-B

Posted by Lou Pilder on April 1, 2007, at 5:55:30

In reply to Lou's response to aspects of greywolf's post-, posted by Lou Pilder on April 1, 2007, at 4:54:08

> > > There are a collection of bible verse that have the potential to arrouse antisemitic feelings for centuries by what is known as {replacement theology}. I ask that you not quote them even if you belive them.
> > > Let us use this thread then to discuss the service and worship of God and I ask to do so without using the verses that belong to the doctrine of replacement theology, for it is my belief that God has not replaced the Jews and that the grace of God is available to all.
> > _____________________________________________
> >
> >
> > I wouldn't know a replacement theology verse if it hit me in the head.
> >
> > Further, if one did hit me in the head, I suspect I'd find that the meaning of the verse isn't singularly related to replacement theology.
> >
> > I suggest that it is not appropriate to prohibit the use of certain biblical language simply because some people relate its use to instances where others have used it for wrongful purposes. If the so-called replacement theology verses are quoted here in a manner intended to demean the Jewish faith, then the deputies can and should take action.
> >
> > I truly believe most adults who post here are entirely capable of using the full range of language without intentionally hurting anyone else. And if unintentional slights occur, there are civil responses to those instances, too, and they do not require maintenance of a "banned verse" list.
> >
> > Greywolf
> >
> Friends,
> It is written here,[...if it hit me in the head...suspect..meaning..isn't singulary related to {replacement theology}...]
> The policy here about what is acceptable or not to be posted is that unacceptable statements posted are under a policy.
> This policy has been posted here on the opening page of the faith forum and its links by Dr. Hsiung and in the past practice with statements posted by Dr. Hsiung to clarify his actions and policy here to give IMO an indication as to how the policy has been carried out here.
> I am unsure as to the new rules that were made here when I rejoined the forum as to if I can cite the past practice here. If anyone would like to see those posts , I could email them if you like.
> If one would want to know more about {replacement theology} and do not want to do an internet search, another way could be that one could email me if they like and I could provide several links.
> Lou
> >
It is written here,[...not appropriate to prohibit the use of certain biblical a manner {intended}..most adults that post not require.. a "banned verse" list...].
The policy here, and actions taken by the administration in relation to the faith board address:
A. intent
B. belief
C. quoting others and bible verses
D foundations (tenets) of faiths that are not acceptable to be posted here.
The criteria for what is posted on the faith board, as to if it is acceptable here or not, are shown in various posts with clarification given by the administration.
There are criteria listed here that determine if a biblical passage is acceptable or not to be posted here. Is it not the policy here that even if one was to preface some statements with {my faith says} or { I believe} or {people of my faith believe}, that there are some foundations of some faiths that are unacceptable to be posted here regardless if they are prefaced by those?
I am unsure if I can post some of these past posts that show this due to that there were new rules made here when I rejoined the forum that may prohibit me from posting them. If anyone would like to see what I am spacifically referring to, they could email me if they like.
I am asking that this be redirected to the administration board if it is now a discussion on policy and to include the post by Dr. Hsiung here of his action taken that has led to posts here concerning this.




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