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Re: Lynn, An answer. Long.

Posted by rayww on February 27, 2006, at 21:53:56

In reply to Re: Lynn, An answer. Long., posted by deirdrehbrt on February 27, 2006, at 20:27:09

di I am proud of you in so many ways. I don't hold anything against you for your life. I believe you have tried very hard to figure it all out, and you have your share of challenges. I don't understand the problems you face or their association with the church. God loves you I am certain. I have a question that has to do with the larger picture, after we die, we know (believe) that those who are mentally retarded here will be whole there, those who lose an arm or a leg here will have it restored there, and those with sexual disorders here will be normal there? What is normal for you? Do you consider what you live with to be a disorder or is there another normal that I am unaware of? Will there be homosexuals in heaven if homosexuality is a mental or physical disorder rather than a mixture of choice? I would assume that if it were a mental disorder that a person who was born with it would be fixed, but if it was a result of choice, a person could be hurt by how long it might take to overcome the longing or the addiction after they die. I realize no one has these answers, but it is something to wonder about. I have a daughter who is not married and is long past the age when most women marry. She keeps herself pure. I think there are many who do. I have a friend who is about the same age who is attracted to women, she is not married and keeps herself pure also. It can't be that easy, but neither have messed with it, and gotten addicted. They both live rich and fulfilling lives. How does a person know if they are or they aren't until they experiment with it?

True science and true religion will never disagree with each other. 170 years ago religion told us we shouldn't smoke. Science didn't figure it out until later, so we chose to obey religion not knowing why. Religion has told us that marriage between a man and a woman is God's way, that they should love and care for eachother and nurture their children. We don't know why it is so important to God, we just do it. Maybe some day we will understand and know all the answers. I am glad I have true religion. It has never let me down. Just like you, mine is right for me. I don't think you would be writing on the Faith board if you didn't have a little faith mixed in with your other belief. I'm glad you decided to stay. If you're uncomfortable with my thoughts and questions I'll leave. But I think you understand them and seem willing to discuss openly, and I like that.




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