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Re: Want to learn about stories Deneb

Posted by rayww on August 10, 2005, at 17:17:26

In reply to Re: Want to learn about stories Dena, posted by Deneb on August 9, 2005, at 20:04:12

> Do Christians believe God was responsible for the Big Bang?

Today's time magazine calls it "Intelligent design". And President Bush is even behind it. Hurrah for Bush. May the force be with you.

>Do Christians believe that there are other planets with intelligent life on them?
I'm tempted to give you a scipture answer here that states "worlds without number has God created". So, yes, yes yes.

> How come God loved humans so much? What about the plants, animals, other planets and stars?

God loves all of his creations, but we are his children, created after his image. We lived in heaven as his spirit children before we were born. (now do you see why I want to verify what I say with scripture?)

> Does that mean that God expresses his love for us? How does he do this if he does this?

Well, have you asked him to reveal his love to you? He's just waiting.

> Why did God not want them to touch the fruit? Why did he make such a bad tree? Also, does that mean that knowledge is bad/sinful? I love my hamster and I wouldn't put poison in his cage.

I guess you have alread surmised that my Mormon answers will be a little different from other Christians.

All God's creations have purpose, as did the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The purpose of that was to bring death into the world, and u and I, and create the need for a savior. No one knows how long Adam and Eve lived alone in the Garden, but it was long enough. They knew they had been commanded to multiply and replentish the earth, and with Eve not there, Adam would be left alone, so he partook to be with Eve. Once they were out on their own, their bodies changed and became mortal, and started reproducing. Everything started reproducing, and death was introduced, though people lived 900 years at first.

> So, in order to be perfect one cannot even know that evil exists?

Here's another scripture, "there must needs be opposition in all things" Evil exists. It's part of god's plan. We perfect ourselves as we learn to overcome it. But we still rely upon God's grace as we strive. And together, hand in hand we overcome evil.

> Does God want to provide everything for us? Didn't God already provide everything since He created everything? What exactly does God provide? Food, water, shelter? Was it ok if Adam and Eve built their own shelter?

God has given us all we need but it is up to us to work, and work hard, very hard to survive. And we need to look around and help others as well.

> Why did everything have to fall? Wasn't it only Adam and Eve who disobeyed? If nothing died before, does that mean that there was no reproduction?

Adam fell that man might be. And man is that he might have joy. Sometimes the only way to get an answer to a question is to pray about it and receive the divine understanding that can only come from God. The Garden of Eden was a specific place. Outside of it we know were creations of all other things. Was there reproduction and death before the fall? Not in the Garden of Eden. God placed animals and fish and birds, insects, plants, on the earth before he placed man. But there was something specific that needed to happen in the Garden of Eden before it all got set in motion. For instance, we know there was no killing between animals, for all got along, the lion and lamb were tame, and will be again when we have our perfect world. You ask some really good questions, and I don't have all the answers. No one does, but God reveals his mysteries to those who are prepared.

> If God created everything, does that mean He created sin as well? So, sin doesn't have to be evil? Sin could just be what God doesn't want and we have no way to know what God wants because we are not perfect and cannot comprehend it?

Not exactly. Satan is sin. And God has tried his best to teach us right from wrong. God allows Satan to tempt us, but he provides an escape and helps to get us over it. In the Bible stories if you ever find them, it points out how Cain killed his brother and rejected God right from the beginning of time. Man has always had his choice. You and I can choose good or evil, but it helps to know and understand the difference. You can't know joy if you have never known sadness. The height of emotion usually balances out with the low. And, God provided a Savior, someone who was willing to come to earth, as God, and experience what we experience, suffer and die for our sins, then plead our cause to the father, and take upon himself our transgressions. We do not suffer for Adam's sin, only for our own if we do not repent, once we understand.

> Hmmm...that I really don't do animal sacrifices get rid of sin? Isn't it bad to kill things?

Sacrificing the best animal was an offering that Adam was commanded to do, because God knew and he taught Adam that Jesus would someday come to earth and be sacrificed for us. That commandment was done away with after Jesus' atonement. God has always used symbolism as a way of communicating with us, therefore we should keep our senses aware, of other ways than hearing words, of how God communes with man.

> How did the Virgin Mary get close to God when she sinned?

God has full command over all elements. He overshadowed her and caused her to become pregnant with his son. Mary did not sin. She was a virgin when Christ was born. Christ has a mortal mother and immortal father, therefore he was able to make the atoning sacrifice. Christ had the power to give his life when he chose, and when he felt he had paid the full price for each of our sins, he died. (another scripture "it is finished, into thy hands I commend my spirit")

> Can other people never sin? What about babies? Do they sin? When babies die, do they go to hell because they didn't believe in Jesus? What about severely mentally retarded people?

here we believe differently, meaning mormons and other christians, We believe a child is innocent, as well as mentally retarded people, and that they go to heaven.

> So...if one believes in Jesus, then one becomes free of sin when one dies?

Here again we differ. That is the Christian belief. We never lose our accoutabiltiy for our own actions, and through faith, repentance, baptism, God forgives us of all our sins, so that when we approach the final judgement, those sins that we have repented of are simply not there. There is more to this, the Holy Ghost or spirit of the Lord, walks beside us to help us keep the commandments, and keep and protect us from harm.

> Does that mean that God can only "spy" on those who believe him? Or does God know everything about everyone? Also, how does one *know* whether or not they *truly* believe?

God knows everything about everyone. A person may think they believe, but when you know, you know. I can't think of a better way to describe it than that.

> So, do those who fail go to Hell then?

No, no, no. The glory of God is intelligence. You must know full well what you are doing, and know God, then willfully go against him in order to go to hell. He would never send one of his precious children who didn't know him, to hell. But, what we believe as hell is different than other Christians, who believe in just heaven and hell. We believe you go exactly where each person belongs, with likes of yourselves, but that we have a long time even after we die to get it straight. However, those who want a head start will certainly do all they can to figure it out while here. There is something about having a physical body that makes change easier. for instance, overcoming addiction.

> How come God didn't forgive people before Jesus died?

Scripture again: the graves were opened at that time, and all the righteous were resurrected when Jesus unlocked the doors to the resurrection. But before his resurrection, no one who had died before that time was. Note I said righteous (saints).

> I'm also curious about all the other stuff...about wise men and a star and such.

God had this planned carefully. He knew where that star would be, and it was. The reason for the wise men and the shepherds, was for witnesses to his birth. They recorded it in the Bible for us to read. God does not do anything without witnesses, and records. Bless those who have kept them to this day. Christ was actually born in April, but we celebrate it in December. Just tradition I guess.

> Heehee, enough questions for you? You don't have to answer them if you don't want to. Maybe other people can help out. :-)

Do I count? ;-)




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