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Re: Lou's response to an aspect of this thread- Lou Pilder

Posted by Dena on July 4, 2005, at 15:40:45

In reply to Lou's response to an aspect of this thread-, posted by Lou Pilder on July 4, 2005, at 15:17:09

Hey Lou!

Thanks for responding, and for giving me the opportunity to clarify. You wrote:

[quote]A. Can a person demonstrate love for God and others without {following Jesus}?[/quote]

Yes, of course. People certainly did so before Jesus taught this, and people who don't follow Him have done so since. But my point is that those who claim to follow Him, should abide by His teachings of love.

[quote]B. Are all people that are not following Jesus demonstrating the opposite of love to God and others?[/quote]

Well, that would depend upon what each individual is actually demonstrating. I've seen many people of many faiths demonstrate love to God and to others.

[quote]C. Is following Jesus a prerequisite for loving God and others?[/quote]

No, absolutely not. I believe that each person has the capacity for either showing love, or showing hatred. But those who follow someone who preached love, should demonstrate love, not hatred.

[quote]D. Can only those that are {following Jesus} demonstrate love forGod and others?[/quote]

No -- I believe you're really asking the same question in various forms... loving God and others is NOT limited only to followers of Jesus.

[quote]E. Can a person that is following Jesus show hate for others?[/quote]

Yes, sadly, they can make that choice. However, at the moment (for whatever period of time) that the person is showing hatred for others, they're not following Jesus at that time. In order to show the hatred, they've turned their back on Him, and His teachings... though they may repent and return to Him.

[quote]F. Are christians incapable of harming others?[/quote]

Again, sadly, no. History bears this out. Of course, many people who've done horrendous things in the name of "Christianity" are not truly Christians... it's not what they call themselves that counts, but whether or not they've had an inner transformation. But, we continue to have free will, and we are capable of making wrong choices. I am a Christian, and yet, I've harmed many, many people... especially when I was active in my addiction. I caused great harm to my husband and to my children, in my selfishness and neglect. Often, we who are wounded, end up wounding others out of our own pain... with healing there seems to be less harm done.

Even when I don't intend to, I can cause harm to others... and I'm capable of losing my temper, being selfish, being downright nasty to others... out of pride, anger, jealousy, or spite.

I'm not proud of these things, and I do repent. I know I'm forgiven, but sometimes I still have to deal with the consequences for my wrong and harmful choices.

I'm sure that many, many people who call themselves Christians have harmed you, your family, and your ancestors, Lou. I'm ashamed that I represent to you a group of people who have done outrageous damage to the Jewish people. If I could remove the pain, repent for the offenses, and offer healing, I would.

I love the Jewish people, their culture and their faith. I married a Jewish man, and I'm raising my 7 children to honor their heritage, both spiritually and culturally.

I know that the name of Christ has been an affront to you, and I grieve that... it's a horrible wrong. I can only hope you can forgive the unforgiveable, and find healing.

Shalom, Dena




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