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Re: Salvation

Posted by Phillipa on April 10, 2005, at 13:28:41

In reply to Re: Salvation rayww, posted by SLS on April 10, 2005, at 10:44:30

Well, I might make some people angry but you're asking for an open forum right? If I'm wrong delete me. I was born a Congregationalist, Prostestant in the state of Ct. I was baptised as a baby, with a drop of water on my head. I was not given any formal religious teaching as my mother was sick from the time I was 2 and died when I was l7. I married a Catholic who had gone all through the Catholic schools and was fed-up with Religion. When we had children I didn't care what Religion they were, just so long as they were brought up with some Faith. My ex-husband was no help. No Church of any kind for the 21yrs we were married. Today I believe in a Higher Power, but I'm not sure what that means. I mentioned in a Thread I once posted that Jesus visited me in a time of need, but it was challenged so much that I stopped posting. I read The Road Less Traveled and developed my own Spirituality. When I married my husband he was brought up with strong convictions in regards to Christianity. I've tried to go to church, we've tried all different ones. But the problem I have is that I am the type who needs proof and I mean I want to see what happens when you die. I just don't believe there is a place with billions of people somewhere called Heaven. It would be too crowded. I try to believe but when I've gone to funerals the body just looks like wax. I know true believers say the "spirit" is gone and the body is just a body, but I still feel when you die you are buried and that's it. I really want to be convinced otherwise, as I feel that if I were a strong believer I wouldn't have the problems I have today. Hope I don't make anyone mad but you asked. I really envy all of you irreguardless of which Religion your strong convictions. I've even played with the theory of Reincarnation and it makes more sense to me. Fondly, Phillipa




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