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Re: While You are blocked...

Posted by rayww on December 26, 2003, at 9:30:55

In reply to While You are blocked..., posted by Dena on December 17, 2003, at 18:40:43

> I've made friends here, real friends who believe far differently from me. I still love them. I still accept them for who they are, where they are. I leave them in God's hands. I try to speak truth in love. But I can't make anyone believe what I believe - if they don't arrive to the place of belief by His leading, but by my coersion, what's the point? Only He knows how to get them from where they are to where He created them to be.

Lucifer's plan to overthrow Free-agency in the pre-existance was to force all people to live according to his will and force all to go to heaven, giving himself all the glory, leaving God and Jesus Christ out of the picture. Force or coersion has no place in God's plan. Satan and his loyal followers were cast out of heaven and are still fighting the war against agency here on earth. You have noticed that as soon as you begin to coerce or succombe, you get sucked in deeper and deeper till you lose almost all control over your choices. The only war ever fought is those fighting for democracy, freedom, and family, against those trying to take it away. Do you know of any other cause for war? Of course, when both sides become blood thirsty for the sake of destruction and power only. In that case Satan wins from both fronts.

I think it is important to understand who Satan is, and what his tactics are so when we fall into some of those tendencies, we can recognize it and quickly back away.

He lies, cheats, steals, destroys, forces, he is a coward, will always back down from truth and righteousness. He pouts and carries on when we overcome him. He throws fits and has temper tantrums. He is contensious, always throwing a wedge into otherwise pleasant situations.

What is my point here Dena? Simply to let us all see that each one of us is vulnerable. No one should ever think they have the perfect solution to another's life. We should pray for one another, and I do appreciate your prayers, but I don't think you should assume that your Christian belief is the only one with power to save others.

God wants to save everyone, and he does it in his own way and in his own time. There is a spot on earth for everyone and every belief. Each is on his own path. God accepts every one where they are, and waits for us to accept him. Once we accept him, and recognize his path, he leads us home.

We can teach and lead and try all we want, but we must not try to coerce or force anyone to adopt our belief. I'm a Mormon, and yes, we send missionaries, but they are seeking out those who are prepared, not going out in force.

Christians believe that Mormons follow Satan, thinking he is Jesus Christ. Again, if we understand the characteristics of both Satan and God, and feel the direction we are being attracted toward, it is very obvious. No one should ever try to say to someone who testifies of Christ, they have been deceived.

No one should say to a wiccan or a Jehova's witness, or a catholic or a Mormon. We should allow all men their own belief, but keep teaching, as there is good to be found in all, but not all to be found is good. Understanding and wisdom is of God, not Satan. It is God who opens our hearts and minds to understanding. Satan who closes it. Satan wants to narrow our focus to our own carnal pleasure, and uses addiction, sensation, false counterfeit feelings. We all battle these things. No one is exempt, but thanks to God who is more powerful than Satan, once we put our trust in him and him only, we can overcome whatever we choose. Key word, "choose". God will force or coerce no one. Neither should we, it only gets us trouble. Trouble in relationships at home, and out. Same ole same old. The real battle goes on. But there are daily victories, moment by moment, and that's all that really matters in life.

As far as I'm concerned, I appreciate your prayers. There have been times when they have been needed, and received. But, please be careful what you pray for. I don't want to change my belief, I'm happy in it, but I do want to breeze past New Years Eve, the anniversary of my father's death, so please pray for that.

Happy New Year my dear friend.




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