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Posted by rayww on December 20, 2003, at 1:27:40

In reply to Re: Blasphemy and Accusatory Snide Remarks!, posted by Jai Narayan on December 16, 2003, at 17:56:37


I agree with what you have said, and too hope we can allow each other our differences. I am Mormon. I am happy to belong to a Christian church that is not tied to the Protestant or Catholic controversy. I don't understand the confusion about Mary. The New Testament is very clear on who Mary is. She gave birth to Jesus Christ while yet a virgin. She was empregnated by the seed of God our Father who overshadowed her, giving Jesus Christ both human and Godly qualities and elements. Mormons believe God the Father has a tangible glorified body of flesh and bone, and spirit, that he is a separate entity, spiritual and mortal father of Jesus Christ, and spiritual father of us all. God bless fathers.

Anyway, when I study and read and listen to all the differences of religious opinion, I am glad I don't have to deal with it. I am sufficiently sustained day by day in my belief, and have no reason to doubt the reality of God the Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Ghost in my life. Three distinct and separate personages, each with a divine calling. One in purpose only.

The reason there is such controversy on the subject of Mary and Jesus Christ, is because the only way a person can know who they are is through revelation. Most people prefer to rely upon their own understanding. The scriptures say, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."
It takes a slight shift in thinking to open our minds to revelation. Receiving revelation is spiritual maturity. If we are able to tune into inspiration and revelation from God we are spiritually mature, and have the gift of the Holy Ghost with us.

I am sharing the understanding of this subject that I have received by revelation. I believe in the law of witnesses, that states that with every word established by God will be two or three witensses.

Can it be proven that someone created the earth by looking at the evidence and witnesses? Most certainly. Was the creator good or evil? I personally believe this earth was created out of love, and we were sent here to find love. Also that God is love. Are there evidences and witnesses of this truth? In the scriptures. One such evidence of his love is "God so Loved the world.....
Another evidence of His love is His promise that if we obey the commandments and live righteously (follow the rules), we will prosper and succeed. God be with you. Obey his word. Joshua 1:8-9 states it is not enough to read your scriptures every day, we must "do" what we are reading. If you don't believe me, just try it for one day and see what happens. STart your day with a prayer for guidance, then try to follow God's direction (lean not unto thine own understanding), have courage and be strong.

This isn't just a Mormon thing. No one has a corner on God or a corner on prayer. Both are universally approachable and available to all. So, Partake. Simple. If it wasn't possible for us to succeed in this he wouldn't have put us here.

> In other religions there is a female figure named Kwan Ying, she is the embodiment of compassion. She is for some similar to the BVM.
> I believe that we all have the God within us.
> There are so many ways to be liberated. God is a universal concept and embraced by many with very different ways of expressing this devotion.
> Sometimes there can be many gods such as in the Hindu religion.
> No one has the corner on God/Gods.
> We are all here on the earth learning and growing together but differently.
> **I hope we can allow each other the differences.**

Perhaps I have shared my differences, maybe similarities. As a friend from Costa Rica said to me a few days ago, when he discovered I believed in God, "Ah, we speak the same language, the language of the spirit".




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