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Re: Religious obsession or just Bi-polar??

Posted by MamaB on October 20, 2003, at 15:23:43

In reply to Religious obsession or just Bi-polar??, posted by Arrianna on October 18, 2003, at 1:43:21

> Hi. I am new to the psycho-babble faith board. Just to give you an idea of my faith: I am a believer in spirutality rather than organized religion. Through spirituality, I have developed a relationship with God. I believe that God is a spirit, an energy that works through us and the universe.
> Religion never made sense to me, nor did it work for me. Being a spiritual person, however, is fulfilling. Yet, I don't apply that what I believe is the truth for everyone, just for me. I feel that everyone has there own truth of God, and if that is fulfilling to them, great.
> What my concern is, is this: I've recently made friends with someone who seems to be "obsessed" with God and religion. I've known her for awhile as an acquaintance, but we've been hanging out alot lately and are forming a friendship. I really like her, yet I'm becoming concerned because all she talks about is God. She's centering her life around church and church activities.
> Please don't get me wrong: I don't think this is bad in any means. She's just looking for truth in her life. What bothers me is that she seems "too" focused on it- everything is about "jesus", and "everything" in her religion is the truth. So, if anything differs what she is learning, she argues back to "her religion" as the truth. Does this make sense?
> My friend is bi-polar and is taking medication for it. From what she says, she doesn't think she needs to be on meds. but is because her parents put her on it. It seems that she thinks her religion can fix her. I've also recently learned that some bi-polars will become overly-religious as a way to make sense of themselves?? They can also sometimes feel so good that they believe they are "heavenly spirits", have "grandios ideas" or as "intellectual geniuses".
> I'm just wondering if this is what is happening to her. I really like her, and I want to continue a friendship with her, yet her "religious talk" is becoming exhausting. If it's working for her, great, but it bothers me that she's becoming less accepting of other's beliefs and what they choose to accept as the truth.

> Arrianna,(what a lovely name!)
Please try and understand that for true Christian's the center, the focus of our faith is the truth.(and by the way it is probably better if you don't refer to it as "her religion", her faith is what it is) I am simply stating a belief here, not saying anyone MUST believe me, or that you are wrong.
Sometimes those who are new to Christianity, and I think "newbies" in other faith's as well, get a little carried away. You see, they want those they care about to have the same joy they know.
However, Christianity does not teach that one does not need to take medicine. (except Christian Scientists, but that's not what we are talking about) I am a Christian and have been taking antidepressant medication for twenty years.
I am not saying that you must believe what she does, probably the best thing would be to politely get her to change the topic.
The medication thing, that is a little trickier. You can tell her that you know of other Christians who take psychiatric medication. After all, God gave the doctors who discovered these medications and chemicals their gift for science and research.

> I'm also starting to feel somewhat "drained" and rather confused after being with her. If anyone can help, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions pertaining to this. Maybe I'm just wrong about it all........

>No one is saying that you are wrong,it just sounds as though you and your friend just need to come to some kind of agreement. I will pray for you both. MamaB

> Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you can offer some feedback.
> Arrianna




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