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Re: If praying works, I need a favour... Lou Pilder

Posted by rayww on December 8, 2002, at 19:39:19

In reply to Re: If praying works, I need a favour... Mr Cushing, posted by Lou Pilder on December 8, 2002, at 11:54:49

Lou, you are kind and thoughtful of others. I have read your posts on this segment of the faith board and I understand and agree with most because I can relate it to my own belief. God speaks to you through the Rider just as God speaks to others in their own understanding and language - sometimes in feelings, swellings, enlightenment. God speaks to people of all religions, races, classes, health status, mentality, age, station, postion, gender. But we must be listening, watching, waiting, expecting, patient, hopeful, faithful, charitable, and moving one foot in front of the other to hear His answers which come as we move and think, and read his word. There are many hidden mysteries in the scriptures, and they can be revealed by the spirit as we read them over and over again. When we read the scriptures, we learn how to read the spirit as we discover hidden treasures, even treasures of knowledge. The scriptures are God's words, and he speaks them to us as we read, even adding the understanding we need to get us through each day. Your experiance is like scripture to you. I wonder if you learn more each time you think about it, write about it or read what you have written before. Have you written it in a book so you can read it when you're 95 and can no longer write?

> Mr. Cushing,
> Your subject line says,[if prayer works, I need a favour]. Now others have responded to your post by offering their prayers. I am responding by sharing with you what has been revealed to me by the Rider, who is the Word of God in my experiance, about prayer.
> It has been revealed to me that prayer is [real] and that God has clarified to me what to follow that enables anyone to pray to Him.
> I will now explain what God has revealed to me about prayer, but with the understanding that the God that has revealed these things to me is the God of others, not just me, and that I recognise that others have a different God than mine and I respect other faiths and I am only accepting the invitation here to share [my] faith experiance here and I am in no way saying that others that have other God(s) have to accept the God that has revealed Himself to me. My experiance is what I experianced, and if my God reveals something to me, that does NOT mean that what is revealed to me must apply to all others anymore than what other faiths reveal to other posters here means that their faith is the only one. I understand that others pray by different concepts and I respect other faiths.
> There is a poster here now that writes about the the Latter Day Saints group founded by Joeseph Smith and later by Bringham Young. I recognise that that poster is [not] saying that the Mormon Church is the "only way" when he/she posts Mormon doctrine. And I am in no way saying that what I post is the only way, but I am responding to the clarification that Dr. Bob gave to he board when someone asked why I was allowed to post here. Dr. Bob's answer was that I could share what worked for me because it would thearfore have the potential to work for others. I am not objecting to Mormons or Catholics or Ploytheists, or Protestant people, or Zen people or Budahhist or Hindu or Islamic people or anyone else postng their faith experiance here.
> Lou




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