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answering questions about faith SandraDee

Posted by krazy kat on July 2, 2002, at 13:04:55

In reply to One last try... Lou Pilder, posted by SandraDee on July 2, 2002, at 9:55:18


I had an odd thought about this - I've been following the thread but am keeping myself out of it (mostly) because when I got involved in the Gates threads previously, the same thing was frustrating to me - the answers were evaded and it went on forever, as it has again.

So, I thought, what if I answer Sandra's questions from my 'belief system' (or lack of). Maybe that will help Lou see how a straight answer can help? Your last link is such a good example:

"The young missionaries kept dancing around my question telling me they had to teach me all this other stuff before they could answer my ONE SIMPLE QUESTION"

That's absolutely what set off my gut instinct that shouted "cult" re: these threads previously and boy did I get into trouble for using that word. I'm not calling Lou's theory or whatever it is a "cult" - that's just how it felt to me because he was keeping it so mysterious.

Keep in mind I'm really agnostic right now, but I'll approach it from my Christian "history":

Sandra's first question:

"So you are saying that there is no hell or death?"

My answer would be:

It makes sense that there would be punishment for those who have not met God's criteria for a rewarding afterlife. This could be called "hell" based on the Bible. There is "death" because death refers to the demise of the body. These are both contingent on one believing in a separate spirit and a separate body.

Sandra's second question:

"We are all called, but some tend to not want to go that route (or Road) and therefore are not 'saved'?"

My answer:

"saved" is the key word here. to me, that is "meeting God's criteria". to my parents it is accepting Christ as one's savior (being "born-again"). to my husband it is believing in Christ, but Also belonging to the Catholic church.

Sandra's third question:

"Do you beleive in the trinity?"

My answer:

No. But, a Christian would. That's a simple question - the trinity is unique to Christianity (please correct me if I'm wrong, though) and it's God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

So, imho, Sandra, your questions have been forthright and clear. The things Lou would need to define are:

If there is a separate body and spirit?

How one becomes "saved" or gets to the seventh gate, if so.

What happens to those who are not "saved" or allowed to enter this gate? Do they go to "hell"?

Does he believe in God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit?

What do you think? I probably won't answer much, because if I get pulled into this it'll be a web again, but please do offer your opinions.

- kk




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