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Re: What I did yesterday llurpsienoodle

Posted by Partlycloudy on December 7, 2008, at 12:24:36

In reply to Re: What I did yesterday, posted by llurpsienoodle on December 5, 2008, at 16:25:26

> Very very cool, ms. cloudy!
> Okay, I'm genuinely curious about the throwing oneself around the room thing...

I went to a Nia class this morning (yes, Sunday) but it was a decent hour, 10am. Three quarters of the way through I was huffing and puffing and barely able to throw my legs up in the air, much less do a kick, but I stick with it to the end. There was lots of dancing, lots of free form do-your-own stuff, lots of primal grunts (which felt fantastic), and I made it through the whole class.

The instructor was SO nice to me about how I move - she told me I had a natural grace. Of course I countered with "well, I had x number of years of ballet classes, and then I did this other dance stuff" and she said Nonsense - you either have a sense of movement, which you do, you are beautiful, or else this stuff is hard for you. You are beautiful.

Well, I just about started crying right there and then. No wonder my therapist has been after me to try this class...

> Hair.. oomph- I HATE people doing my hair. It's almost up there with the dentist. What's the MATTER with me?

Maybe it's a self image thing? I have a hard time with hair stylists who try to get me to do things to my hair to "improve" it. My hair is attached to me - it's what it is. It's far more valuable for me to find a stylist who understands how frustrating a bad hair day can be - and then helps me to get the best out of my hair that we can. Then I'm happy, and he or she gets a nice tip, and a repeat client.

> Your toes must be sparkling gorgeous! I am enjoying a foot renaissance, as I have been slathering them up with eucerin cream before putting on my socks at night. Well, the only time I actually SEE my feet is when I am 1) showering, 2) changing socks. So, I get to enjoy them all to myself. Heck no! I won't share!

Well, my feet are bare just about year round except for cold snaps, so it was overdue that I paid someone to TLC my feet. They are just too far away for me to do the job properly myself.

> Keep up the good work partly-- maybe you'll feel like cooking one of these days...

I tried making cheese yesterday but used the wrong milk :-( it was ultra pasteurized and wouldn't curdle no matter how much I coaxed it. I'll try again with organic milk and bottled water...

> hugs,
> -Ll

sticky hugs to you




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