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Plz Help

Posted by Niniva on September 19, 2008, at 0:46:56

Anyone and Everyone:

Can you help me find a pdoc critique-er with a saintly devotion to helping others and the ability to squeeze an hour of professional opinions into his or her week? Just a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. I'll gladly let you name my first born in exchange for a useful URL at this point!

After victories in my fight against depression, I started writing about early-onset, chronic depression. My original working title was "It Can't Be Colic; She's Twelve: A Mother's Guide to Easing Her Daughter's Depression"; it's everything I wish my mother had known, with the levity and clarity that would keep her attention.

The inside front cover starts with emergencies: when to call 911 and suicidal behavior.

For starters, I have illustrated the traits of atypical depression and bipolar II; for other diseases like borderline and ADHD, I will create fictional, composite sufferers.

The self-care section explores my daily goals: proper nutrition, healthy exercise, restful sleep, enjoyable play and rewarding work. I may add hygiene guidelines, depending on feedback.

The DIY section will explore uplifting religious and philosophical practices, self-therapy options, websites, books, and OTC or herbal concoctions that can be useful in moderation.

The professional section will explore medical conditions that mimic depression, guided therapies, doctor options, and medications. I may add some fringe treatments such as magnetism and the revamped electro-convulsive therapy.

The drugs and alcohol section will discourage self-medication, examine effects of abuse (everything from the useful concoctions above to chasing the dragon), then explore treatment for addiction.

The abuse and neglect section will focus on identifying abuse and neglect from the outside, but any input that might make self-identification possible is appreciated.

The bad medicine section identifies discredited therapies, exposes shyster tactics like fuzzy logic and faulty science, and hits on romantic improprieties. I may explore the child-abuse panics created by "suppressed memories" from hypnotic suggestion and imaginative answers from improper interrogations.

My final add-ons include a psychobabble glossary, with humorous examples when appropriate, and appendices on diagnostic symptoms, therapeutic exercises (illustrating various approaches), brain chemistry, and disease theory.

I only recognize facts that are established by double blind studies; any content from common knowledge or observation is treated as such. I accept valid theories but consider them the lowest ideas worth considering. My personal opinions and conclusions are clearly labeled with factual support.

I promise to repeat every caution that I can find and slant my connotations to promote the safest choices.

Still, the thumbs-up from a qualified psychiatrist would secure my peace of
mind. I desire an AACAP reviewer, but I respect the opinions of any reputable pdoc.

As always, I cherish any kindness as a priceless gift. I will gladly help anyone in anyway I can; I specialize in grammar and algebra, but roam far and wide. I need a "critter." Do you have any advice on finding someone willing to trade work? Do you know a great child psychiatrist who might be interested out of sheer altruism?

With sincere appreciation,




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