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Re: help with a little monster! karen_kay

Posted by Kath on January 17, 2008, at 15:34:46

In reply to help with a little monster!, posted by karen_kay on January 16, 2008, at 14:19:19

That was a LONG time ago, kk, but I think it's probably quite within 'normal'.

I think the rough play isn't a great idea though, under the circumstances. How is he to know the difference between how you play with dad & how you play with kids??? Not that his dad is pulling his hair, but it's setting a 'tone' to how one plays, ya know? Could be confusing for him.

As to the hair pulling, I might be opening a can or worms here, but I wonder about something like this: (keep in mind, I don't remember how much 2 year olds can understand)

Oh crap - I hope I don't get labeled as a child beater or something:

I wonder about when he pulls hair, Mom takes him firmly by the arm or hand, says "Mommy needs to talk to you", takes him a little ways away from the other kids & says we need to talk & kneels down to his height & says, "We do NOT pull hair! It HURTS. I'm going to show you why we do not pull hair." Then give his hair a good tug. Obviously not enough to injure him, but enough so it is NOT pleasant. Then immediately say, "See? It HURTS & that's why we do NOT pull hair. Mommy loves you very much & I don't want you to hurt people."....followed by a nice hug (especially if he's crying).

Just a thought. I think it might mean one helluva lot more than standing a 2 year old in a corner!!!

Anyway, parenting is so hard. Good luck,

luv, Kath




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