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Help my dad understand Mom's issues please - books

Posted by myco on March 10, 2009, at 13:02:54


My parents are going through some hard times at the moment. Mom has decided that she doesn't want to be on meds anymore...she went cold turkey actually after 4 years on various SSRI's. She is the neurotic type (atyp dep with lots of anxiety). Problems were there quite a bit between her and dad before the meds...her going cold turkey has sent her emotions into hyper spin downward and is really taking its tole on their marriage (she think she wants to leave him but I know in reality she wouldn't). Dad is the typical guy-guy who isn't very good with emotions...he doesn't quite understand all the issues with mom in terms of her illness. He just sees it as another ongoing female mood swing type of thing. So that brings me to this:...he's agreed, from my encouragement, to read about her issues, how depression/anx effect mood, can damage relationships, how it effects thinking and reaction etc...I haven't read anything outside the medical literature so i'm asking you, the compassionate and well read babbler, if you would know of any very good quality reads that would help dad understand mom in terms of how her biological issues and bad behavioural addaptations are effecting her thinking and their marriage issues. Like I said, I have no idea where to start with the book-type read. There is so much out there and it seems to vary wildy in terms of positive reviews.

Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.


*will also post this on the psychology board*




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